Who creates those wonderful food package designs?

Whether it’s McDonald’s or Burger King, KFC, or Domino’s, they all need great designs for their packaging. Part of eating a great burger or meal is the enjoyment of holding something in your hand that just look good even before opening the box and eating it.

The same goes for all the packaging you see in your local grocery store. The manufacturers are usually not the people who create the look ‘n feel of their product even though they do have final say of course.

Food manufacturers hire agencies to design their packaging. Those companies are food branding and packaging designers.

Agencies who’re specialised in making the packaging of food look great. Because before consumers taste their food, they first have to see it and (in grocery stores) hold it in their hands before they’ll buy and consume your food.

If it doesn’t look good, it won’t be bought and eaten. Companies spend millions and millions of Ponds each year to design and redesign their packaging. Often changing their packaging several times over the course of a few years. Following trends but also making sure their packaging looks different than the no-brand look-a-likes. Those competitors often (closely) imitate the packaging of their brand-name “parents” because that will increase their likelihood of being bought.