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Pizza Hut price listHaving a hard time finding the 2021 Pizza hut Menu or Pizza Hut prices on the web? This is the place to be! Pizza Hut is one of the largest fast food restaurants for Pizza in the UK. High chance that you need the Pizza Hut menu or Pizza Hut prices at some point. The Pizza hut prices and buffet times are difficult to find online. Therefore, the prices and Pizza Hut buffet times are published on this page. So if you are trying to find out about the Pizza Hut menu prices, the following chart will come in very handy! Here you will get the entire Pizza Hut menu, including the latest prices for the different sizes. You don’t need to look elsewhere for the complete Pizza Hut menu, including prices. In fact, with Pizza Hut Express, you can have your pizza delivered to your doorstep.

What do you think about Pizza Hut’s menu and prices? We’ve updated them for the new year. You’ll see what you’ll be charged in June 2024.

The ClassicsIndividualLarge
Double Pepperoni
Veggie Spinach, cherry, tomatoes£8.75£15.95
Margherita Mozzarella cheese £7.65£12.95
Chicken Supreme£9.95£16.95
Meat Feast£9.95£16.95
BBQ Americano£10.65£17.45
Pepperoni Feast£9.85£16.45
BBQ Cajun Chicken£10.35£17.25
Texas Meat Meltdown£11.45£18.25
Blazin Inferno                                                        £10.65£17.45
Veggie Hot one                                              £9.85£16.45
Cajun Sizzler                                                       £17.95£17.95
Heavenly Veg                                                           £11.4517.95
New York Deli (New)£11.4517.95
King of the Coast                                                    £11.9518.65
Seasoned Potato Wedges                        £3.45
PREMIUM SIDES            
Bacon Garlic Bread                                        £3.95
Cheesy Garlic Bread                                  £3.95
Baked Cheesy Triangles         £4.45
Texan BBQ Chicken Wings£4.85
Salad & Pasta
Salmon Pasta Bake£9.45
Chicken Herby Pasta Bake£9.65
Roasted Vegetable Pasta£8.95
Pepsi Max/Pepsi/Pepsi Diet/7UP Free/      
Stella Artois£3.85
Peroni Nastro Azzurro£4.25
Magner Cider£4.15
Coroa with Lime£4.35
Kopparberg Mixed Fruit£4.45
House Malbec£4.99
Orange or Apple Juice£1.99
Unlimited Fizzy Drinks£2.66
Hot Chocolate£2.25
Cafe Latte£2.45
Strawberry Milkshake£3.25
Toffee Milkshake£3.25
Ice Cream Factory£3.15
White Chocolate & Raspberry Cookie Dough£4.65
Sharing Cooking Dough£7.65
Banoffee Cookie Dough£4.65
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough£4.65

Pizza Hut Buffet Times

Looking for the Pizza Hut Buffet Times? Most locations are open between 12:00 and the 02:00 AM. As Pizza Hut is a franchise,  the buffet times may differ across different locations in the UK. Some locations in the UK open at 11 am and close around 1 AM.  If you want to find out about Pizza Hut Buffet times and looking forward to enjoying unlimited pizza, salads and pasta we recommend visiting your local store.

Pizza Hut Express

Do you prefer to stay home? Pizza Hut Express is for those that are looking forward to an evening on the couch. With Pizza Hut Express you can order pizza, pasta and salads and get them delivered right at your doorstep. The Pizza Hut Express and Delivery is available throughout the UK. In need of pizza? Go to the company’s website and search the nearest location to benefit from the Pizza Hut Express.

Pizza Hut Coupons

If you find any pizza hut coupon codes, please let us know. Usually, you can keep using them for a time. For example, right now it’s February 18th. If a new coupon is created by Pizza hut, you’ll be able to keep using them until the end of February or even March or April. If you find a coupon code, share it with our audience. Some coupons are usable nationwide. Others are only connected to a local outlet near you. Most of them, except the ones you get in your mailbox, can be used multiple times. The ones you receive in your letterbox are usually personal codes you can only use once.

Updated June 2024

19 thoughts on “Pizza Hut Menu Prices UK”

  1. Helpful staff.
    but portions for price little disappointing.
    Chose ‘ share’ chicken supreme extra cheese which we thought would be an large oblong as displayed on menu . Got cIrcular 13″ and not much extra cheese £16.45.
    2×13″ pizzas.(large?), (3 pieces each), 4 drinks, free salads, platter starter. £56. Well presented. Wonder what BREXIT prices will be. 14.6.2016.

  2. Far to expensive there was 3 adults 4 child we had 4 pizzas ice cream factory it cost us £95 was so shocked. We won’t be going back

    1. Omg I am a big fan how is it being a fattie who orders 4 pizzas who 3 adults and kids and complains it’s too expensive like 4 pizzas is a lot so it obvi going to be £95 bruh you should have just got £5 favourites dumbo dumbo

  3. Very small OVERPRICED portions!!! Salads are free? No, the price is included in the main course, pizza or pasta… No good value for money!

  4. Nowhere near the size and taste of Pizza Hut in Florida. Medium equals UK large,plus they are cheaper and have more topping and better salad .

  5. I’ve never got the hang of the unlimited fizzy drinks thing…does that mean once you pay for one u can have as many as u like after it or do u pay each time u have one??

  6. All of youse saying things cook at home or get takeaway no one cares whether you don’t like it or it was too expensive ????

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