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Post updated 09/01/2019
dominos-pizzaLooking for Domino’s 2019 menu prices? You find the on this website. The American chain Domino’s is one of the best restaurants for Pizza in the UK. The Domino’s prices, actually Domino’s menu prices UK, are all listed below. Please be aware that the complete Domino menu UK can be ORDERED ONLINE! Don’t want to get wet to order Pizza’s from the Domino’s menu in store? Just order the Domino’s menu at home.

Below you will get entire Domino’s menu and also the current price. Domino’s voucher for menus is also included in the chart when available. So, from now on you don’t have to try so hard to get the Domino’s menu and Domino’s prices because all these are available for you right here. If you see any mistakes in the Domino’s price list feel free to contact us. We can change the Domino’s menu prices so everyone can check a relevant price list!

What do you think about Domino’s menu & prices? We’ve updated the Domino’s prices for June 2019.

Classic Pizzas Order nowPersonal
7˝ – 4 slices
9.5˝ – 6 slices
11.5˝- 8 slices
Original Cheese & Tomato •topped with 100% mozzarella cheese and Domino’s own tomato sauce£4.99£9.99£13.99
Create your own pizza…0.80 P£1.00£1.25
Ham & Pineapple ham†, pineapple£6.99£13.99£16.99
Vegetarian Supreme •onions, green peppers, sweetcorn, mushrooms, tomatoes£7.99£14.99£17.99
Pepperoni Passion®£6.99£13.99£16.99
American Hot •
onions, pepperoni, jalapeno peppers
Chicken Feast
chicken breast strips††, sweetcorn, mushrooms
Hot and Spicy •
onions, ground beef, green peppers, jalapeno peppers
pepperoni, ham†, chicken breast strips††, smoked bacon rashers††, cumberland sausage
Texas bbq™ Order now£7.99£14.99£17.99
Mighty Meaty • Order now£7.99£14.99£17.99
Deluxe Order now£7.99£14.99£17.99
New Yorker Order now£7.99£14.99£17.99
Full House Order now£7.99£14.99£17.99
Meateor Order now£7.99£14.99£17.99
Sumptuous Sides    
Twisted Dough Balls ™6 fresh dough pizza rolls brushed with garlic oil, fi lled with
cheese and a choice of pepperoni, ham or cheese and herb sauce
Potato Wedges •seasoned and baked to perfection. served with bbq dip£3.99    
Garlic Pizza Bread •a 6” base topped with 100% mozzarella cheese and Domino’s own tomato sauce£3.99
 or 2 for £5.99   
Dips •bbq, garlic & herb, sweet chilli, honey & mustard and FRANK’S® RedHot® dip£0.39
 or 3 for £1.00   
Coleslaw 200g tub£1.99 or 2 for £2.99   
Tasty Chicken and Pork    
FRANK’S® RedHot® Wings •chicken wings coated in FRANK’S® Redhot Sauce
7 & 14 served with 1 FRANK’S® Redhot dip
21 served 1 FRANK’S® Redhot dip and 1
garlic & herb dip
7 for £4.99
14 for £7.99
21 for £10.99
Spicy Pork Bites •a portion of spicy boneless pork belly bites served with a bbq dip£4.99 2 for £9.90   
Chicken Wings 7 slightly spiced chicken wings, served with FRANK’S® RedHot® dip£4.99   
Chicken Strippers®7 chicken breast goujons, coated in crispy breadcrumbs
7 served with 1 bbq dip
14 and 21 served with 1 bbq & 1 garlic & herb dip
£3.99 or 21 for £10.89   
Chicken Kickers™pieces of breast in a mildly spicy,cripsy coating
7 served with 1 garlic & herb dip
14 and 21 served with 2 garlic and herb dips
£3.99 or 21 for £10.89   
Strippers Combo ™a full portion of chicken strippers® and potato wedges, 2 for 10.00
served with bbq and honey & mustard dips
Spicy BBQ wings
chicken wings coated in BBQ sauce
Kickers Combo™
a full portion of Chicken Kickers™ and potato wedges,
served with 1 garlic & herb and 1 FRANK’S® RedHot® dip
Divine Desserts Order now    
Chocolate Brownies •
4 chocolate brownies with a gooey belgian chocolate chip centre
£3.99 or 2 for £5.99   
Mini Pancakes8 warm pancakes with a sprinkling of icing sugar, served with a chocolate dip£3.99 or 2 for £5.99   
Chocolate Melt •a rich, warm individual chocolate dessert with a melt in the middle chocolate centre.£3.99 or 2 for £5.99   
Cookies •4 yummy cookies loaded with choc chips£3.99 or 2 for £5.99   
Thirst Quenchers    
Coke / Diet Coke / Coke Zero / Fanta 0.33ltr cans£0.80 or 2 for £1.25   

Here’s a picture from the 2019 menu from Domino’s. Taken in London area. Prices near you may be different. Order now

And this is the second part of the menu

Delivery versus take home

If you visit Dominos website, you get to first choose wether you want to take home of have the pizza’s delivered. You’ll be surprised at the difference in prices if you choose take home. The delivery cost is added to the pizza’s when you choose the delivery option. So choosing the take home option gives you a big fat discount on your pizzas. If you order 2 or 3 pizzas, that can amount to more than 10 Quid! That’s a lot of money for something that will probably only take you less than 30 minutes. You can phone ahead of order online, get in your car and be back in under 30 mins.

29 thoughts on “Domino’s Menu prices UK”

  1. Can you tell the meaning of the symbols after “chicken breast strips” included on the chicken feast pizza

  2. The newly built Dominoes in Failsworth is a complete rip off, they are charging extortionate prices which do not reflect the online prices. We got a pathetic chicken tex meal deal (25.08.15) consisting of 4 strips 4 wings (soggy and cold) 4 TINY chicken nuggets and garlic bread which was the size of a small saucer for £11.98. My boyfriend tried to get his money back but they refused as they said he had already paid-however they make sure that they take your money prior to receiving their attempt at cooking! At least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask when he went out robbing! We will never ever go back there again….26.08.15 we got a Chinese meal deal for £12.00, we still had enough left over to freeze and have for another meal. Ps. we do not always have takeaways; just too busy at the moment!

  3. Entire menu ? So where is the price for your large pizzas. Buy one get one free. Still just cost me £17.99. Think you are taking the p*** .According to your menu you don’t do large. ?????????????????????????????????? Will measure it when it comes. This is the first time. We have had pizzas from dominos. And the last. You get one from the supermarkets which are just as good if not better. ?And for only £5 pound. Drop your prices you might get more people through your doors.

  4. Doing a comparison for pizza hut and domino’s, hope the information is accurate or else my results aren’t = bad reflection on the company. Personally don’t like domino’s and reading the comments neither do others.

  5. Your prices are more than double those in Australia where I can pick up a large pizza for $6 – less that £3, and it has far more topping on it. You pizza base is hard (thin style). Really disappointing – first and last time I will eat your food.

    1. The Australian pizzas come in 1 size which is the equivalent to medium in the UK, not large. Also toppings are irrelevant as you pick which pizza you want… some have more some less. Same as AU. You pick the pizza base… There are loads of types (more than australia) so your base comment is wrong as you picked a thin and crispy.

      All up what you have said isn’t quite right although the value is far better in AU.

  6. just phoned to complain about an incomplete order. daughter ordered a medium half cheese half meat, a small personal pizza and a box of cookies. Told this was £17.99. 45 minutes later, just the pizza turns up and the guy asks for £17.99. no other pizza or cookies he said were ordered. upon phoning his manager at the store she said she would ‘include’ these items for nothing and send them out. Erm, excuse Me!! those items were already paid for!! we looked online and there are no pizzas for £17.99, but the price is apparently £17.99 in store. I phoned to speak to the manager, guess what? She wouldn’t come to the phone!!! Never again will we order from Domino’s. Astronomical prices for very poor food!!

  7. Just ordered a large pizza, wedges and garlic bread…. Oh and two tiny chocolate brownies. Not. Impressed! At least half the pizza was stuck to the bottom of the box, and the inside of the lid. The edges were burnt, the cut of the pizza was diabolical, my 11 year old son could do better, the wedges were cold and the garlic bread was a mess of cheese. All this for £26.00! Disgusting! I won’t be ordering or eating from them again, and I certainly won’t be recommending them any time soon. Delivery time was 25-35 mins, yet was 45 mins, nothing to impress me there. All intold, disgusting service, very poor quality for money.

  8. I like pizza 😀 pizza is goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  9. 13-05-16
    I ordered a 2 large pizzas , a 1.5 bottle of coke , wedges , and chicken wings for 37.99. when it turned up to the door … after 50 mins of waiting … it was the wrong order . they had given me a medium pizza and 2 brownies , when I rung up they said do you have the receipt ( they hadn’t given me one ) and I said no , so they basically said tough. What about my money!! disgusting food for disgusting prices

  10. just ordered pizza from dominoes told me half hour was earlier was great,food was really nice the only problem was the offers they give you i mentioned my offer code they said they had give me buy 1 get 1 free, which was the offer unfortunately when i added it up they charged me full price check everything before you phone them.

  11. whats that dominos box with the 2 pizzas and chicken strippers+brownies all in different layers of the box? i saw it on tv and when i told my friend i tried to show them but i cant find it and now they think i’m lying. pls, i wouldn’t lie about this, someone tell me they saw it.

  12. We are really disappointed that the £1.00 pizza has stopped – as a company we used to order at least once a week for lunch as they were perfect size and cost for lunchtime – since this offer was discontinued we have not ordered since so Dominos loss too – will you be bringing these back at anytime?

  13. Just phoned for my usual Friday order the prices astound me!!! First week just under £15 second week under £17 third week under £15 this week under £25 can anybody tell me what’s going on . Thanks

  14. I just viewed the sides menus from dominos in the UK and Australia. I am so disappointed. I live in the USA. Why are the sides so much more healthy, appetizing and varied in the UK and Australia? In the US, home of the corporation, we have no fries, wedges, or chips. The other differences are widely apparent. It’s as if Dominos offers such a different and varied menu over seas, it can’t be bothered here, where I practically had a pizza delivered every week through all four years of college. I helped this company in the beginning and I feel cheated now. Yes, I know, why does it matter? I accidentally found both the UK and Australian menus. It made me frustrated to realize that they don’t care what they offer.

  15. Just ordered small cheese and tomato pizza wedges and large dip got charged £17.78 told on the phone the pizza was £12.99 when I looked on your menu online its £7.99 shall be contacting trading standards about the Cheltenham high street branch as the woman on the phone told me my menu was old and this was the new price but would put a new menu in with the order…… funnily enough she didn’t, wonder how many poeple their ripping off like this?

  16. How much is a medium pizza.
    I’ve looked and I can’t seem to grind the price, it’s just say what style if pizza and sides and the price but I don’t know if it’s a medium. Can anyone help?

  17. Its Bread Cheese with some tomato Sauce. You pay £17.78 for a Pizza. Lets’s say you pay £1 for the bread, £1 for the Cheese, £1 for the sauce and £14.78 for the brand!

    If you now add economies of scale, drop those £1 figures to 0.10p

    I’m in the wrong game! I should open up a Pizza shop, I’ll happily smile and rob you blind all day everyday! Dick Turnip Mask not included.

  18. Pizza is commonly known wolrd wide as Itay’s poor mans meal made with all the basic ingredients. So ,please explain your costings for a basic piece of bread and cheese with tomatoe sauce? Never in my lifetime will i be hoodwinked into such crap.
    I make my own pizza with fresh ingredients at a fraction of the price. After all, I am buying a pizza not a bloody franchise????

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