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Subway Menu pricesSubway menu prices are summarized on this page. The Subway is a well know fast food chain in the UK. This chain does not publish the Subway prices on the Internet. They do publish the Subway menu UK online but they refuse to add the subway price list. As a result the menu prices UK cannot be found online. Stated differently, the Subway menu prices UK are not shown on the companies website. They’ve just been updated for 2019.

Why we created the Subway menu list for you

Sometimes it happens that we need the Subway prices for some restaurants but it is really hard to get this Subway menu UK on the Internet, so we felt very annoyed. If you are looking for Subway prices, actually Subway prices UK, then I hope this chart will be best idea to look at. Here you will get the complete Subway menu uk including all uk prices. Subway vouchers for special menus are also included in the chart when available. So, from now on you don’t have to be worried to get the Subway menu and Subway prices because all these are available in front of you on this page.

We’ve made some updates on Subway this week. We’re very interested in what you guys think of this restaurant. do you look going to Subway? Or have you only visited once and decided to go to other places because your weren’t satisfied with your experience? Leave us a comment and give us an idea what you think of em.

What do you think about Subway’s menu & prices for 2019?

EXTRA CHEESE£0.29£0.55
DOUBLE MEAT£1.69£3.30
ITALIAN B.M.T£3.49£4.99
CHEESE STEAK£3.99£5.99
SUBWAY MELT£3.99£5.99
PIZZA SUB£2.99£3.79
ROAST BEEF£3.49£4.99
SUBWAY CLUB£3.69£5.69
COLD CUT COMBO£2.99£4.49

We’ve updated the prices for 2019.

This is what drinks from Subway costs in the UK:

  • Small: £1.29
  • Medium: £1.59
  • Large: £2.39

This is what footlong Subway’s cost in the UK:

  • DOUBLE MEAT £3.20
  • ITALIAN B.M.T £4.99
  • CHEESE STEAK £5.99
  • SUBWAY MELT £5.99

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  1. Why your meals prices
    the same meal prices are differents on different locations
    You pay on greenford £6 but in central london £8
    London exel £9
    Piccaddly £10
    We need an explanation why ?

      1. I’m guessing it’s not all greed and how much foot fall they get, location rents and rates will be a lot higher in Piccadilly apposed to Greenford and even lower in other towns and cities which will affect the price, i’m also guessing are they franchises like Mcdonalds and burger king, if so this will also play a big part when pricing the product.

        1. Of course its dependent on the location. More so, London, as the cost of living is vastly more considerable than most major cities, you would expect the prices of products and general income to be greater. Also depends on actual store location, where being in a prime location will attract a larger foot fall. However, you can expect rent, utilities etc to be greater. For both store and consumer, its a case of supply and demand

      1. Would be very unlikely to work because property rental prices have a massive impact, and Subway is a franchise, so if you’re opening one in an expensive area, it isn’t offset by profits from one in a cheap area.

    1. The reason is that Subway have recommended prices for their franchisees to follow, but legally they cannot mandate that their franchisees charge the recommended price (European Legislation) so they can opt out of the recommended pricing and charge a higher price.

      Primarily it is to do with the business model, as rents, Labour and business rates are so much higher in Central London as compared to Greater London and Subway stores have a much lower footfall per store overall as compared to McDonald’s etc.

      For example, you need between 6 to 7 Subway stores to do the same sales as what a single McDonald’s store does or even other chains like KFC, Nando’s, Costa Coffee. It’s a penny profit business, so you need high volumes to make it work!

  2. We went to your Altrincham branch,we thought the service was bad. The sub we received was not up to standard and when we asked for a cappachino I picked it up and it felt empty so I told the lad behind the counter, he said there was no milk in the machine so asked him if they could put the milk in he said no and gave me a coffee with the milk from the counter. Not a good visit !!!

  3. Bloody disgusted! My son just came back from subway after being charged £7.75!! For a bacon and cheese footling meal!! Absolutely disgusting prices for a couples pieces of bacon and cheese oh I must not forget the ketchup!!

    1. Nick Roberts (Wales uk) · Edit

      Who the f actually cares about your subway experiences. You are giving the Welsh population a bad name, you disappointment to the gene pool.

  4. with all respect , all these prices not correct, different prices in different locations in London, Hammersmith is cheaper than Fulham by £1, in Tottenham court road more expensive ??? they should when they sell the franchise prices should same every where like MacDonald.

  5. Why do the staff feel the need to rip of children,my grandaughter was on a school outing today doing photography, when they stopped for lunch and went into a subway at Headingley in Leeds ordered a foot long sandwich which should of included a drink for six pounds and was charged seven pounds thirty with no drink , she reluctantly paid this which meant she had to spend her money for her bus home. Will be on the phone first thing in the morning as it happened to her friend aswell don’t think we will be using these again

  6. Just been to subway got 3 subway meal deals and got charged £13.50 and 3 different prices for the same size drinks. Won’t be going there again

  7. I took my son to Subway in Enfield, and he ordered a footlong subway, with Chicken, Ham, Cheese and Lettuce. When he added the cheese, was told it would be extra…. however wasn’t expecting it to be the £9.85 they charged. Won’t be going back in a hurry !!!

  8. Here in America the Subway has a special daily throughout 7 days weekly. $3.50 for the sub of the day for 6 inch. We have different sub options to choose from. It just started with $3.50 for the daily sub special, in Friday it’s the tuna sub deal. It use to be $5.00 sub deal now it’s becoming slightly cheaper.

  9. I actually like Subway better than the other fast food restaurants. Usually the flat bread sub’s than the regular. Burger King or McDonald’s , it depends what I choose. In the alternative option to fast food restaurants I like the family restaurant option as well. The price’s at Subway are not must any difference. $9.85 is the actual price total making it a meal. Adding extra meat will calcalate, desert, and or other additionals. My has totaled to 11.00 or so in some cases. I like Subway.

  10. Decided to stop off at Birchanger Services this morning for a Bacon roll this consisted of half an Italian bread roll and Bacon nothing else other than a regular tea. £6.55. Even though I appreciate this is a Service area and can expect to pay a bit more but how can Subway justify that price for less than half the food at almost double the price of another very well known brand.

  11. I suspect the prices vary by region or even by store. Our new and updated prices are slightly cheaper on all items compared to you list. (Newport Shropshire)

  12. Price increase for salads! its gone up from £3 and that included a bottle of water …. to £4.30!!! not including a bottle of water, how can that be justified – no bread just more salad …. for an additional £ 1.30!!! I will be going back to Tesco & Salisbury’s for my salads, at least they are under £3.50 … cant afford a lunch salad for £ 4.30 – I think they will loose a lot of customers, its a shame as they are tasty, but i cant justify £4.30 for a salad – bye bye subways

  13. Bought a £3 meal deal yesterday (12/01/17) went back to same place today for same deal was told, after ordering drink, that the deal “had ended, and it is more chapter to buy some crisps or a cookie to get the deal” and it was £4.40. I asked the girl if they had caught many people out? ..”Oh, loads” she said, happily -obviously enjoying the moment. I won’t be going there any more. I expect price increases, but nearly 50%? That is ridiculous.

  14. How come 6 inch veggie delite at Unit 18 at Edmonton Green charges £3-90 with tea while Subway in Liverpool Street and Subway Enfield charge 3-00 with Tea?

  15. Variabble prices. A simple two slices of cheese on one side roasted 6″ with vegetables cost in a petrol station in Blackburn cost £2 whereas in white rose shopping centre cost £3.10. What a difference.

  16. Why don`t you all shut up moaning about prices. What about the poor children in this world who cannot even get a grain of rice to eat and are dying by the second. If you don`t like the prices don`t go in there.

  17. I went Crawley (Manor Royal) Subway last night on way home from work – was shocked a 6″ sub and large dispensed drink was £5.30 – Mac D’s have offers all the time so can get a Big Mac ???? or McChicken Sandwich and fries for £1.99. To me the price difference for comparable fast food is massive!

  18. Just been to Hanover Street Liverpool.with my £1 refill mug which i purchased elsewhere.ssupposed to be refilled free if you buy any 6″ sub.I downloaded the info on which stores were in this promotion,and this store was.But a guy serving me called callum denied they were in this promotion.and then tries to tell me it’s ended,which it also hasn’t.End date is 31/12/17.Dony like being had over or lied to.So appalled.

  19. Got my grandson a foot long chicken ham gerkin and mayo from cheadlehulme and was shocked at the cost £6-30 glade I had only the the grandchild with me

  20. Me and my partner love subway. We prefer it to the junk food like McDonald’s, burger king and KFC ect.
    My daughter enjoys it too. We go there quite often. It’s much healthier than most fast food chains in my area.

  21. I always have a chicken salad bowl, why is it a different price everywhere I go? Also not only that I bought one last week only to find out it had gone up by 50p!! What is that about, you get no more salad! I was told it was to compensate for the new bowls (which I find crap as they never know how much lettuce to put in!). Sort this out subway!!

  22. I like subway as it fits in well with the slimming world plan and the rest of the family get to enjoy what they like too. Their pricing is the biggest irritation for me. They have increased the salad bowl by 50p because “it has more salad in it than a sub” I’m shocked as salad is very cheap and a salad should be cheaper as it has ‘less bread than a sub’!!! Their prices appear to be going up and in my view are not providing good value for money any more. Greedy. Each subway you go into charges differently. The other day I had a bowl of salad only. No cheese no meat no dressing etc totally plain. They charged my 3.60 which was more than the salad of the day minus all the meat!!! I’m too g to complain to head office ☺

  23. Salad bowl – different prices WHY???? – last year the did garden salad in a small box for about £1.20
    Today at Stevenage got a plain salad (no meat no cheese) £3.00 & he hadn’t put any tomatoes in ????!!!!

    1. I too find it shocking that you are charged for salad bowl, I mean why can’t they use cardboard containers which are more environment friendly, even more shocking you’re not allowed to re.use your salad, shame on you subway!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. First and last visit to the Tulketh Mill store. 6″ ham salad sub with a regular Pepsi and a plain salad bowl cost £7??? Owing to an ill-fitting lid, half the salad is in the car boot. Not impressed.

  25. These are sandwiches, ……bread with a bit of filling, and people pay between £4 – £6…….? the staff have to work for almost an hour to afford on of these so called sandwiches.

    make your own, far cheaper.

  26. Disappointed customer · Edit

    Disgusted by the new prices
    £4.50 for just a veggie patty?! No extras no drink.

    I’ve been a loyal customer and loved the 3 pound meals before but never going back again. RIP OFF.

  27. Just in subway Wakefield. Ordered a tuna salad with extra cheese and a cup of tea. Have been charged £8.20! I always have this and have never been charged this much. Looked at the receipt and it just says extra cheese??

    1. Jayne I am truly outraged that one of our stores would charge you this much for your basic af tuna sandwich!!!

      More to the point, Jaaayne, who has cheese on their tuna sandwich.
      I suggest you should revisit your normal choice of sub from our stores.

      Mr Subway

  28. The reason why prices vary at Subway is because most of them are privately owned franchises. The same is true for other restaurant chains. They charge what they like (within local pricing guidelines) so a Sub in London is likely to cost more than one in a rural area. When you look at a restaurant menu online, the site asks you to choose a restaurant because the prices they display vary according to location. The same is true for petrol.

  29. Not unhappy with sandwiches but felt they were expensive , my grandchildren love them so have visited more than once but never for myself

  30. I have boycotted subway now as the meal deal has gone up in the west midland from £5 toasted and you can or take away now it’s £7 20 to have it toasted and eat in is cheap to just go over to pub over the road for the hole family to dinner Dudley town centre threes price will come out all over the uk best thing to do is make your own at home for far less

  31. just got a voucher booklet for 24 days in december, according to your price list a veggie delite footlong is £3.80 but if i use the discount promotional voucher its $4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome.

    A while ago i brought to subways attention that the veggie delite costs the same as any meat sub, exact same ingredients minus the meat and its the same price. Now that has been rectified – thank you. Maybe you should understand the pricing, fix the flaws before releasing it

  32. my daughter went to Subway Asda Scunthorpe today bought 2 got 2 free sandwiches brought them home we all thought they looked a bit smaller and yes they were they were 5 1/2ln’s instead of 6 in’s as advertised.Is this why it was buy 1 get 1 free as someone cut them shorter?

  33. I thought it was interesting that ‘Mr Sub’ took nearly a full six months to reply to the customer ‘Jane’, then attempted a jokey answer.
    I have a jokey question- is Subway in Tynemouth officially working in line with the Venezuelan economy? It seems that every time I buy from Subway, Tynemouth, I am charged a different price (varying around £1.20 difference) for the same thing!
    Looking forward to hearing from you in September, Rosa

  34. These prices are not right. Also tell, why 2 6″ subs and 32 coffees cost £6.00, one night then a couple of days later (same place) they are £6.50. But guy says no price increase???

  35. Prices gone up, ingredients gone down, value plummeted. After being a loyal customer for over a decade, subway and I shall be parting company.

  36. Went last week for big beef 6inch and meatball meals cost me £8 something gine this week for same cost me £11.40 big difference think lady was just putting extra on not that much difference for 12inch

  37. Went to subway on parade got six inch sub and a bowl of salad for an extra 50p, went to parkhead forge subway they said you don’t get salad for 50p with six inch sub it means you pay an extra 50p on top of the salad normal price is this right .

  38. Went into subway in Blyth the prices changed for salads it’s now an extra 20p on to price to hav salad instead of the bread. I asked why salads cost more than 6 inch sub? They said it was because of the sugar tax! I said that doesn’t make sense as the bread is way fatter than a salad!!

    1. It has nothing to do with the Sugar Tax, (The Sugar tax does not apply to Bread products)
      Salads used to have an up charge in the UK of between £0.20 or £0.30, now that as over 9 years ago, the up charge was dropped as a value proposition at the time, but due to rising food costs, the up charge was reintroduced to cover the increased food cost.

      Traditionally, SUBWAY always charged an up charge on salads Worldwide as the amount of salad/vegetables that you get is the same as buying a footlong except for lettuce which is even more than you would get on a footlong Sub.

  39. You all do understand that subway is a franchise and they caneed charge and change prices whenever they want and they don’t have to give any explanation to you it’s the same with a lot of companies
    I understand it’s annoying but thats just how it works so just stop going or stop complaining

  40. I had a veggie delight salad I kid you not looked like half had fallen out there was hardly any salad . I paid £4.70p 😱 with a drink. And no smile or conversation from the server.

  41. The prices always seem to change store by store and day by day i think they are fraudsters thats why i avoid subway these days and go to greggs or mcdonalds which is much cheapr and where there is no hard sell to put double meat

  42. Changed me 6.29 for a 6″ meal deal, (sub, crisps and water), for a child. Seem to be making prices up as they want. Disgusted, complete rip off. Another lost customer.

  43. Went into subway in las Americas Tenerife and got 2 footlong chicken breast and paid 16euros. Why is it so expensive. Was not happy at all😡

  44. I just bought a salad from Coventry, £5.40.
    Was shocked into buying it at the till out of embarrassment, prices are so unclear and I was really unhappy.

  45. I like Subway. I buy Subway everyday, but it’s true prices do vary from store to store. Subway should put their prices online so that any newly trained, or under trained associate can be shown the usual price for a Subway sandwich, or salad, with or without extra cheese.

  46. Because I hate school lunches, I’ll always get subway in the morning, and I always pay the same for a steak and cheese footlong £6 then the next day I went in, with the very same person that served me , they basically know who I am and what I ordered and it came to a total of £7.50 without a drink 😭

  47. Why do people even buy food here, the breads are awful with the taste and texture of a bath sponge, the fillings cheap synthetic nastiness . There’s more nutritional content in the packaging!

  48. Was charged 8.20 for a foot long plain chicken, they had added £3:00 ontop for 6 pieces of pepperoni! they had no ham or ketchup left?! Really?! I go there every week, this was In Preston, Penwortham last night, then added some Doritos, it came to £9.00! Absolute extortion. I won’t be going there again.


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