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Post updated 06/01/2019
KFC Price List UKHaving a hard time finding the 2019 KFC menu prices? Just like most of the other fast food restaurants the KFC price list isn’t published on the Internet. The KFC menu UK and KFC prices UK are only available at the restaurant. The franchise neglects to publish its KFC menu prices, especially KFC menu prices UK, online. We have collected the prices for you and summarised all KFC menu items below. So if you are looking for the KFC menu uk in general and the kfc UK prices in particular the below presented chart lists all KFC menu prices UK.  Here you will find the complete KFC menu uk together with the current menu prices. KFC special menu is also included in the chart.  So, from now on you don’t have to get off the couch to find out about the KFC menu and KFC prices. One final remark: please be aware that KFC is a franchise and prices may differ across the UK. We’ve updated the menu prices for the restaurant for 2019.

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This restaurant is the most popular on our website. I guess people in the UK just love chicken and love the great recipes from KFC. Enjoy your search to find the price of your favourite meal.

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 KFC menu prices uk

CLASSIC MEALS (includes Drink and Fries) – go LARGE 50p 
Fillet Tower£4.99 
Zinger Tower£4.89 
Toasted Twister:  
Original Recipe£4.49 
Original Recipe:  
3 Pieces£4.99 
2 pieces£3.99 
2 Pieces, 2 Hot Wings & Mini Breast Fillet£4.99 
Popcorn Chicken:  
BBQ Rancher:  
Cajun Boxmaster:£4.99 
Boneless Dips Meal:  
3 Mini Fillets£4.85 
4 Mini Fillets£5.75 
and your choice of 2 dips:  
Tomato Ketchup 2Hot4U Classic Mayo Spicy Mayo  
Sweet Chilli Kentucky BBQ  
Kids Choice (Choose one from each step):£2.99 
1-Sml popcorn chicken  
1-Mini Fillet & Dip  
1-Kids Burger  
2-Corn Cobette  
2-Baked Beans  
3-Fruit Shoot  
3-Soft Drink  
4-Innocent Fruit Tube  
4-Munch Bunch Yoghurt  
DELI DELUXE (includes Drink and Fries) – go LARGE 50p 
BBQ Rancher Burger:£4.99 
Cajun Boxmaster:£4.99 
Toasted Twister:  
BBQ Rancher£4.69 
Original Recipe£4.69 
BBQ Rancher£4.99 
Original Recipe£4.99 
Bargain Bucket (All include 4 Fries):  
6 Pieces£10.99 
10 Pieces£13.99 
14 Pieces£16.99 
Wicked Variety Bucket (All include: 8 Hot Wings, 4 Mini Breast Fillets, 
4 Fries, 2 Dips):  
6 Pieces£15.99 
10 Pieces£19.99 
Family Feast (All include 4 Fries, 2 Sides, 1.5 ltr Bottle): 
6 Pieces£13.99 
10 Pieces£15.99 
Ultimate Dips Box (All include 4 Fries):  
12 Mini Breast Fillets, 6 Dips£12.99 
16 Mini Breast Fillets, 8 Dips£15.99 
Deluxe Boneless Feast (All include Large Popcorn Chicken, 
4 Fries, 2 Sides, 1.5 ltr Bottle):  
8 Mini Breast Fillets, 4 Dips£14.99 
12 Mini Breast Fillets, 6 Dips£16.99 
Add more:  
4 Pieces or 4 Mini Breast Fillets£3.39 
8 Hot Wings£3.39 
KRUSH’EMS (Upgrade your drink with any meal for 99p) 
Strawberry Shortcake£1.99 
Freshly Ground Coffee:  
Kream Ball:  
Summer Fruits Meringue£1.89 
Indulgent Chocolate£1.89 
Caramel Fudge£1.89 
Mega Box £3.99 
2 Hot Wings:£0.99 
Mini Fillet:£1.49 
Lunch Box:  
2 Mini Breast Fillets, XL Fries£2.99 
Snack Box:  
Sml Popcorn Chicken£1.99 
1 Mini Breast Fillet£1.99 
2 Hot Wings£1.99 
1 Piece£1.99 

KFC Halal

KFC is running a KFC halal trial within areas where they anticipated a large demand for halal products. In those communities the KFC boneless banquet is halal. Before offering KFC halal across the UK the company will run the trial period in those areas.

KFC menu picture

Here’s a picture of the 2019 KFC Menu in London area (prices may differ near you):

Riceboxes and salads and meals for one:

Sharing buckets:

The end of the year is coming and we’re getting ourselves ready to get you the updated prices for KFC. All restaurants update their prices, based on inflation and the popularity of the items on the menu. We want you guys to have an up to date list, so you know exactly what you should be paying for your favourite meal at KFC.

We’ve updated the prices again for KFC to give you the most recent pricing. Fall season is almost starting and the restaurant has updated their prices. We’ve made another round in Britain to see what changes they made to their price lists.

It’s gonna be interesting what Brexit will do to the prices of the big restaurant brands all over Britain. The Pound has dropped and not alle ingredients that are being used in the restaurants are available in the UK. Some has to be imported.

Post cool stories about KFC

You know a cool story about KFC? Post it in the comments below. Here’s a nice story for you to get you started with some inspiration.

This story is about Colonel Sanders. His father died at the age of 5. He then quit school when he was only 16. One year later, Sanders had already lost 4 jobs. He got married pretty young. At age 18. Between 18 and 22, he tried a few more jobs. In railroad and even in the army. But quickly got washed out there. He then tried to get accepted to law school. He was rejected. So he decided to try something else. Sell insurances. But failed at that too. He became a father at a real young age. He was only 19. A little later, his wife left him and took his daughter. He started in a restaurant as a cook and dishwasher. Failed at that too. And he even failed tried to get his baby girl back. Eventually he did get his wife and daughter back. He retired from a useless life in 65.

He received a check from the government for about 100 Dollars and thought that the gouvernement was saying: you cant provide for yourself. He tried to commit suicide. But failed at that too. He started writing his will but soon realised there’s still lots to do. The only thing he had done well in his life was to cook. SO he borrowed some money and started cooking a recipe he loved. Fried chicken. He went door to door and started selling it to his neighbors. Everyone loved it! At the age of 88, Colonel Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was a self made man. He was a billionaire.

How’s that for a nice story about the founder of KFC? 🙂

We’ve updated the prices for 2019.

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WE NEED YOUR HELP! We want to create the biggest database of local KFC prices in the UK. Almost every restaurant has different prices compared to somewhere else in the country. The next time you are in a KFC restaurant, can you please make a picture of the menu and leave a comment with a link to the picture from the restaurant menu? We’re going to collect your pictures and make a big database with all the current KFC prices.

We’ve been getting a lot of help from you guys to update or prices. We’d like to thank you very much! You guys are helping this website stay up to date. if you see any incorrect prices, please give us a shout in the comments. Name the menu item, the price and the location where you bought it.

KFC Coupons

If you find any KFC coupons, please let us know in the comments. They usually give them on the sidewalk near a KFC restaurant. Most of the time you get great discounts if you buy 2 of the same menu items of a Pound of a certain item.

The Coupons are usually made in the form of a bar code which you can scan at the restaurant to get your discount.

Around lunchtime is a good time to scout your local restaurant. That’s a good time for them to give away the coupons and a great time for you to be around and snatch some hard earned cash.

Do you know if there’s a secret KFC menu?

We know McDonalds has a secret menu. But we’ve never heard about KFC having a secret menu. Do you know any stories or facts about a secret menu? Let us know in the comments so we can do some research.

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  1. I don’t eat fries or drink due to health reason.
    I would prefer you have in your menu price of burger on its own ( without fries and drink) as I can’t find it.
    When I go personally in your outlet there is price of burger only.

    1. I work for kfc and was on this to learn menu and stuff and if you dont want fries you can trade it for a diffrent side and wr also offer fresh orenge and water if you wantes go be a bit healthier

        1. Why would you even comment that? are you idiotic enough to not realize that people suffer with learning difficulties and have dyslexia?

          If you are writing out an application form for anything and your grammar is terrible then it’s not your fault and your employer should understand, a really rude commend from you Callum, no need for it.

  2. I found this website not good at a when I arrived at Kfc it was dreadful I had not brought enough money as I had the wrong prices from this website the only good thing was he chicken! :00000000000000

        1. are the prices diferent because of ownership diferences ie managed or sole owned or just because the kfc brand is not open about its prices and can charge within a guideline set by the franchise head office please can someone tell us the cheapeast and the most expensive in the local regions this might help or shall we just start a face book campain to find out the cost

  3. I enjoy the chicken, lovely juicy in my mouth especially the skin, but it is not nandos which is better chicken restaurant
    This website should have more nandos and also say on this page “nandos is lovely also try that nando”
    We dont have many kfc in portugal but every town has a nando

    1. I was in algarve portugal and there wasn’t 1 nando’s in sight…which i wasn’t impressed about… So no there isn’t a nando’s in every town in portugal :/ @admin keep up the good work 🙂

  4. I am not happy with kfc where I live , they never get the order correct always something missing , went in to complain and got told “well a woman of your size should be happy we left some food out will help you diet, “I was appalled and walked straight out leaving my order there , contacted head office via email and never did they get back to me .

    1. wtf ignore all these idiot, it isnt their business what you eat, you should get what you ordered for, they know they are stupid so that was an excuse for them. all you people that agree with them are also stupid. girl eat and do you, love yourself.

    2. oh my god, no way?

      They actually said that to you, that is disgusting and should not talk to you that way, if the managers or head office do not get back to you id take it further elsewhere, possibly go to citizens advice.

      1. halal is only used to satisfy a blood lust and is no way religious…but then again neither is iSlime…it’s a barbaric way to make any animal suffer, ask the RSPCA

      1. You are the ignorant idiot Andy. You think a stunned animal doesn’t feel pain- ask someone who has been tasered!

        The process of slaughtering an animal for food is not like picking strawberries hence the word ‘slaughter’. Yes I’ve seen both- the halal method does not seem any more cruel than non-halal. If you don’t like the concept of killing animals for food then become a vegetarian rather than pick on one religion.

        BTW- the KFC Halal appoval is by the HFA Muslim organisation actually approves of stunned chickens. May I add the Kosher process does not approve of stunned animals.

  5. I visit the Morfa Stadium, Swansea KFC regularly and always have theTwister for myself and two 3pc chicken dips, but on my last visit I was charged 10p more on each snack than I usually pay, it seems they can charge whatever they like and I thought it was a standard charge of £4.49 for the twister and £4.69 each for the 3pc chicen dips. It will be a long time before I visit this KFC again

    1. Cpt. Obvious, Esq. · Edit

      10p more and you took the trouble to complain – not in person but on the internet?

      I can sleep soundly knowing my life will never be as shit as yours.

        1. I’m sure if money was tight they’d not be buying ‘takeaway/fastfood’ in the first place, and if they where, then they’re pretty dumb as you can get a weeks worth of food for one person for under £10 ( £8.86 Aldi ).
          I know this for a fact since I’m living like that now.
          I get some Veg ( whatevers on offer that week ), a kilo of bannas,
          4pt of ful fat milk, 6 deep pan pepperoni pizzas, a couple packs of penne pasta and a jar of pasta sauce. That’s a weeks food when you’re stuck living with a tight budget.

          1. U buy pizza on a budget. U really do have it sussed don’t you. Y do u only have a £10 budget a week for food?. On any benefit u get more that. Or £8.86 from lidl. Ur full of crap.

  6. KFC still serve the 3 piece variety meal despite it not being listed on the menu. Do they just add the cost of a single piece of chicken to the price of a 2 piece variety, or is there still a discounted rate to a 3 piece variety meal?

  7. I asked for 4 chicken breasts at kfc sinfin and the div serving said”ur only allowed 2 at any time per visit.i said ok i”ll go outside come back in and order 2 more.dickhead said u wudnt get them cus youve already had 2 i remember ur face.i thort u know wot he wud probably spit on them anyway.retard.

    1. *Halal.

      Sikhs and any who do not wish to eat meat which should be humanly, as quick as possible and organically be slaughted, should eat at home.

      1. In response to Isha… halal is not humane at all. I personally dont want my food preyed over to Allah as a sacrifice. What is dignified is a fast quick slaughter. In the Uk animals are slaughtered quickly. The blood is drained out of body. I dont think God would want any animal to be slaughtered in his name. I for one do not eat halal.. sorry im not muslim and never will be. Its you muslims that should kill the animals at home.. hang them upside down so they bleed out while you prey over it as some thanks giving in the name of your god… Allah. If ALL KFC’s do halal I wont be buying. Arent there already enough muslim halal burger joints any way?

  8. We don’t like the drumsticks,, and we have bargain buckets having kids,, but they say you’ve got to have some drumsticks?? If we are paying for food which we like n eat,, then I don’t want drumsticks,, urghhhh ,, I’m paying,,

    1. Yeah this gets my goat, selfish sods in the q asking for no drums or only breast and then some other poor sod ends up with 6 wings and 2 drums because some selfish mare has made some fuss about how her kids don’t like this or that, remember too, we having paid the same price as you get a bum deal just cos you think you are entitled to special treatment, I reckon if you ask for breast only meat or ask for the balance of portions, like no drums, you should get charged more because its unfair of people like you to expect the rest of us to pay the same price but end up without a good balance of portions because you and your kids have had them all.

      So yeah your paying for the same as the rest of us but think that somehow you should be allowed to demand more for free.

    2. You can say no drumsticks if you prefer no drum sticks, its not being selfish, No other person will end up with whats left there, they have a choice too. I work in kfc.

  9. I take my two grandchildren 8 and 4 to my.local kfc Chorlton Manchester every Sunday.
    I want to congratulate Kfc for such a welcoming place. Being Halal is the key to my visits to Kfc, although their is not any shortages of chicken takeaways. I had always wanted to eat at Kfc, it has taken 2 generations to eat Halal.
    Thank you Kfc, and especially the Chorlton branch in Manchester

  10. Dissatified customer · Edit

    I went for the family bucket special advertised in a KFC shop along the A40 London – only on a Tuesday and went there on a Wednesday last week to be told it can only be sold on a Tuesday. Waited for this Tuesday from after the school run 9am it opened 11am to be told it expired. my question is – is this advertised from Wednesday – Monday and then expires. It can’t be right? the man behind the till told me that he just does what management tells him to do.

  11. How can I determine which KFC stores sell halal chicken? Is there a clear sign or indication on the doors or menu board somewhere? I don’t want to purchase or support halal slaughter methods and would like to know before I enter the premises ideally, thanks!

  12. What if I don’t like/want /agree with halal meat. I am English eating KFC in England. When do you stop curtailing to the minority in a country!

  13. I find it hilarious how some half brainers here are berating halal slaughter when they believe its okay for animals to be hung upside down and stunned to death, just so they can enjoy a sandwich! Beyond stupid. Muslims AND Jews cut the artery that signals pain to the brain, so how is this practice barbaric compared to stunning or gassing animals to death so you can have a burger?? Think people!

    Coming to actual topic, prices vary a little depending where you go.

    1. Look if a muslim chooses to walk out of a kfc because meat is not halal, people say that it the customers choice and they dont have to justify anything to anyone.. When I say I dont want to eat halal then suddenly the multi culti brigade cant wait to have a go at you.. Thats raciest

  14. All I want to know is where is my nearest KFC? No store locator. Bizarre and pathetic. Going to MacDonalds in future. Wake up to the real world of customer focus in 2015.

  15. We all have our opinions on how an animal should be killed, who cares how Muslims kill their food and who cares how we kill our food. No one actually gives a shite! They both bloody taste the same anyways. End of, have a brilliant day (:

  16. I went into your kfc in wythenshaw town center manchester and order 4 chickin wings I was told the price of 5 pounds and 90pence ,I refused and walked out in disgust .if this is your policy it want,s looking into and reporting yours MR,M,J, BROWN

  17. Glad to see someone has done this as we have difficulty seeing the menu/prices on the wall behind the counter.

    Why don’t they do as Chinese restaurants do and put the menu on the counter?

  18. You need to update your KFC Prices. Family feast 6 piece, 4 fries 2 sides and a 1.5 litre drink is £12.49 and not £11.99 as posted on your site.

  19. Tried ringing kfc to order for pickup there phone was busy for at least 20 min, ended going to drive through a massive queue, so decided to go inside to order an other 15 min wait, what the hell there service is bad, Neva again

  20. I don’t think kfc should change to halal I won’t want to eat from there again if it does. Alot of people in this country are animal lovers and disagree with the way Muslims slaughter the animals to make it halal! I know I am not the only person who feels this way.

  21. Got stung relating to the price, embarrassment was the under statement, turned up with not enough money, order my complete order using the website as a price indicator, was 2.50 short only had cash not card and I was using the drive throw.

    Won’t be using this website again

  22. They only have halal where there is a demand you thick cunts, no one is forcing halal on you.
    Halal and kosher are the same, why doesn’t anyone moan about kosher???

  23. Just been charged £17.48 for the boneless deluxe box, Tunstall .
    Not £16.99 as given in menu ,dated May 15.
    Explanation given” that’s what it is now ” !!!! So annoying !

  24. Walked into a (London) KFC, the “individual items” menu was as per photo, so I ordered three pieces and reg. fries, and already knew the total price. After explaining I didn’t want any drink with it, and that I’m not asking for “meal deal” just some chicken and chips, this caused chaos and confusion. It took three attempts for them to get the price right, and was followed by some degree of discussion and amusement between the staff. Very entertaining!

    Is KFC now so focused on meal deals, combinations, promotions etc that “chicken and chips” is no longer catered for?

  25. Just looking at the menu to go for a KFC and have seen the post about you trying out Halal meat. I for one will not buy from KFC if you sell halal food. This is Britain my country and I do not want to eat halal meat. If people come here they must live by British standards not Britain change to suit them . Get your priorities right

    1. If that is the case, then the Spanish had better stop selling “Full English” breakfasts, fish and chips, beer and “kiss me quick” hats. Lol

    2. Nobody is telling you what to eat. If you don’t want to eat hala meat then don’t do it. And you don’t tell others how how they should live and what they should do. Racism is a crime.

    1. you are such an idiot halal food is no different to British food it just means the animal has been killed differently stop being so dam racist i am British and i am sick of people like you complaining and being so dam rude if you think about most of the food we eat you will find most of it is from abroad and i bet you go abroad for a holiday so what do you eat you will be in a different country so the food will be from there country

      1. Then why are they changing it…can’t they also just give your opinion to those that want halal? Would those customers see the light of your argument and proceed with their order?

  26. Trying to find price of a large pulled chicken wrap on the menu .sure I was overcharged but did not get a reciept to check,and only small wraps listed for £1.49 on drive through menu. Asked if we wanted to go large ,but cost shot up !!!
    Any responses would be helpful.tried through the online contact to lK FC without result.

  27. Will there be a choice of halal and non halal chicken..I don’t wanna eat paki food when I go to KFC..just the smell of em puts me right off me bucket box

      1. Kate, Varsha is typically a name of Indian origin, not of Pakistani origin. Do your research before you offend someone Kate. I suppose you are one of those ignorant people who classes everyone with a non-British name as a Paki. Shame on you

    1. Muslim’s have their own chicken fried take away serving halal meat why then take away KFC there needs to be options people halal and non halal it’s ridiculous every chain is practically turning halal and the people that don’t want to eat halal have no choice!!!! Why are non halal eaters having their choices taken away from them it’s prejudice against those that don’t want to eat it.

  28. Why can’t our UK Kentucky Chicken have buns and coleslaw in the family meal bucket like we get in Dubai, they are so delicious, if you start that then Kentucky chicken will become famous than McDonalds.!!

  29. HALAL MEAT: If one wants to eat animals God made permissible we have to do it a specific way. God knows his creation better than we do therefore God knows the easiest, safest, painless and most humane way.

    As Muslims, we have no right to take a life of an animal without purpose. God has given us permission to take certain animals as food consumption, not for sport or fun! We have to ask Gods permission to take this life by saying ‘bismillah’. We do not chant songs, sing and dance around a fire or do any other bizarre ritual. We simply say God’s name, we ask Gods permission to end a life that God created. ‘Bismillah’ simply means ‘In the name of God’. That is all is said before an animal is killed.

    Islam says animals must be treated with care, not only during the time of slaughter, but for the whole duration of the animal’s life, from its birth to its death. Animals must be killed without seeing any other animals being killed. A sharp knife is used; the windpipe, throat and vessels of neck are cut causing the animal a quick painless death without cutting the spinal cord. This allows the blood to be drained, as blood serves a good culture medium for micro organisms. The spinal cord must not be cut because the nerve fibres to the heart could be damaged during the process causing cardiac arrest, stagnating the blood in the blood vessels. Therefore the Muslim way of slaughtering is more hygienic as most of the blood containing germs, bacteria, toxins, etc. that are the cause of several diseases is drained. Meat slaughtered the Islamic way remains fresh for a longer time due to deficiency of blood in the meat as compared to other methods of slaughtering. The swift cutting of vessels of the neck disconnects the flow of blood to the nerves of the brain responsible for pain. Thus, the animal does not feel pain. Similarly, when you shave, do you know you have cut yourself? No, not unless water goes on it, because the blade was so sharp. The central nervous system is cut, stopping the pain receptors going to the brain, not allowing the animal to feel any pain. The message travels to the central nervous system, the brain and it stays at the at the top as the central nervous system is severed not allowing the body to receive the message to feel pain because of the cut. For example if you cut your finger, the central nervous system goes to the brain, informs the brain, the brain then tells the finger that there is pain only then you would then feel the pain. This process happens within a split second. Cutting the throat does not allow the animal to fell pain! While dying, the animal struggles, writhers, shakes and kicks, not due to pain, but due to the contraction and relaxation of the muscles deficient in blood and due to the flow of blood out of the body.

    This is the original system of the Jews & Christians taught by all the messengers! Jesus himself ate halal meat; Deuteronomy 14:8, Isaiah 65:2-5, Leviticus 11:7-8. Islam adopts this method strictly so does Judaism but not Christianity. Stop picking on Halal, it is humane and safe! On the other hand stunning the animal research shows causes more pain, not to mention the state of the abattoirs and condition the animals live in. If you look at non-Muslim abattoirs, you will be shocked at the treatment of animals. A Muslim must not force feed animals, keep them in light 24 hours a day, with no space, feathers and surrounded by the animals own faeces.

    1. John, your last sentence sums up why it is unlikely KFC would adopt Halal or Kosher chicken usage in any places other than those with high concentrations of people with a certain religious belief, since many/most chicken farms rear their livestock in exactly the opposite conditions to those required or preferred by a Muslim in order to maximise profit and turnover. A chicken lives just 28 days from hatching before slaughter in the well established intensive farming game. Those that live longer, are more expensive both to rear and to market.

      The acts required ( and logistics of slaughter ) limit throughput using the Halal or Kosher method ( if it was strictly adhered to ) since separating animals from view of each other, asking for the right to slaughter each animal etc takes time, which in turn equates to more money spent per hour per capita of produce created.

      1. Thank you for your intelligent, articulate and well-researched response to some ignorant, thoughtless rants.
        Halal meat is preferable as it doesn’t breed bacteria quickly due to the majority of blood being drained and it keeps fresh for longer. Animals must be treated with kindness – this is the way of our Iman. Anyone who does not treat the animal with care is not a good human being. If one does not agree they should be a vegetarian. Many places in the west have caged hens and cows put back to back in barns not seeing any light or fresh vegetation. All diseases like mad cow and chicken flu began from feeding the poor animals with food which was indigestible for them! This is in humane. Do these ranting people eat organic meat, free range eggs or drink organic milk.
        Allah SWT knows what’s best for his creation and wants us to be consuming food which is safe for us.
        Many diseases out here occur because people eat anything and don’t think of the consequences yet they all hate halal food as someone from the EDL or Britains First told them to. They will eat the most vile, highly processed, cheapest junk as an alternative…it’s quite sad really.

  30. Why should I have to eat Halal meat? I disagree with the way they slaughter animals. We have fought for years to make sure animals don’t suffer.. What about people that don’t want to eat Halal meat. Should this be the case I will never eat from KFC again.. Unfortunately most Muslims think the world owes them a living and tha is not the case. Eat somewhere else if you don’t like it!!!!!

    1. But all religion is made up. It was a way for people to try understand the world. Now we have science. Science is real. God is not. So stick halal and all religion.

  31. Lest we forget people. Religion or belief or faith or whatever you want to brand it as is the number one cause of war and suffering around the world. I can see the point of those who believe that the “halal” way of slaughtering animals is better. But are you not part of the same religion which, in some cases has empowered people to do awful things to other human beings. Never mind chickens. I’m also pretty certain that every other religion, at some point in history has been the defining cause of death to, in total, millions of humans. So instead of getting hung up on how a chicken or cow or goat gets slaughtered. Use some perspective and think, how is my religion effecting other humans lives and is it my religion that has caused the in humane death of humans. If you can answer no to this (which no religion can), then you can worry about how KFC kill chickens.

  32. Halal meat isn’t something I would eat out of principle, for instance, a lamb slaughtered in the halal way, tie three of its legs together and leave the other one free, cut its throat and the free leg will kick and help pump the blood out of the lambs body, takes longer for the animal to die, this is England and we have standards , these animals should be treated humanly , it’s not right…..it’s just not right…..

  33. KFC has always been a treat for me even as a child. Every time I came home on leave I’d treat my family to a massive KFC dinner but to see you are surviving HALAL butchered meat has disgusted me! It is a disgrace to bow down to a cult that’s hell bent on destroying our race and culture!

  34. Kfc knows that there are British people, not ‘come over’ from abroad but actually British that are prepared to, and will only buy, ‘halal’ food. That’s why kfc is going ‘halal’, it’s all about money. Personally, I no longer eat ‘halal’ meat exclusively as it isn’t really halal, it would cost them too much money to take care of the animals in the right way. Organic and halal is the way to go. The real halal method is kindest to animals but of course all the BS tabloids don’t tell you that because they all love being haters.

  35. sent the wife for a kfc from your elgin store, i asked her for a variety from your online menu,
    she came home with a variety bucket costing around £20 one person! what a waiste of money! How do you propose to get me and my family of 5 to use your brand again.

  36. Just went to kfc Elgin, ordered 10 piece family feast and got 7 drums and 3 wings. Thought there was supposed to be an even mixture of chicken well thanks kfc for the mega arguements in my house tonight – my mistake as used drive thru… Reminds me of what Devito said in Lethal Weapon 2 – won’t be going there again as obviously got what everyone else did’nt want

  37. I looked on here and found I could get a flaming wrap and latte for just over £3. Great I thought. I won’t bother going to Macdonalds like I do every week on my way up the M1.

    Got to the services and the kfc latte was £2.75 alone! How can kfc justify this? Guess where I’m going next week? And I can collect beans for a free coffe.

  38. Going to your barrow in Furness store for your £15′ double bucket deal which u advertise on your web site to be told no offer on a Tuesday because this is when u change them on a Tuesday joke and they only run for 6 weeks no deals to be had disgusting customer service may I add so another customer u lost so please remove your false advert on web site or make them more understanding to your customer
    Regards Kevin Trainor hoping for a reply

  39. I was going to pst a comment here, but realised that mostly people possessing only 1 brain cell frequent it, I changed my mind. Trying to recall how I stumbled across it? It has nothing whatsoever to do with KFC, yet still amoeba like cretins post their suggestions!
    Interesting to see the kick back against Halal chicken. You may be surprised to see what other national chains already utilise this barbaric practice!
    Have a nice day.

  40. I don’t want halal meat, I prefer to know my meat has been slaughtered in a humane way, why do we continue to change things for a minority?

  41. Haha haha! These comments have kept me entertained for ages!! Pretty much 99% of you must have been on Jeremy kyle or judge rinder right?! Or at least own a tracksuit, some form of burburry and a pitbull?! Hallal meat is not really any different to the traditional non commercialised way of killing an animal, if you had to kill your own chicken you would have to use pretty much the same method. If you don’t like the facts of life, and think that all your meat should come wrapped in plastic (probably from asda or Iceland I’m guessing?!) then you should really not be eating meat. Your views are IGNORANT and RACIST. Also just to add, is this a fast food pricelist website or a BNP group?!

  42. To the plant pot who is trying to justify halal meat being the same as non halal meat, first of all the animal is killed in a completely different way, a barbaric way for halal. halal meat is religiously blessed by a religion so many of us see as barbaric and has no place in modern day so people have every right to not want to eat a religious blessed meat. Oh and it’s not racist either.

  43. We went for the lucky dip bag. Not quite what we thought we ordered but food ok. Just missing coleslaw and regular meals instead of the large ones we requested when asked what size. Only the second time order not what we were expecting. Don’t believe in third time lucky. See me off once, shame on you, see me off twice,,,, shame on me

  44. Rip off Greece buckets…

    Heart attack in a box for the men

    and free bingo wings for the ladies…

    Cook it at home your selves lazy butts.

  45. Just had a kfc zinger burger fries and gravy absolutely disgusting firstly totally got the order wrong luckily my husband checked and discovered missing items and we weren’t the only ones numerous customers sought out the manager and complained and then it was freezing cold had to reheat it in the microwave which then wasn’t the same never again. Also wanted a bbq ranch burger and was told they didn’t do them I needed to b at McDonald’s for them

  46. Your menu is too large and therefore too complicated. You need to discover which of the items is most popular and stick to that. This should generate less waste and allow you to configure bargain deals and add ‘specials’ from time to time.

  47. Kfc is a very rare treat for me due to their overpriced menu.
    If they bring halal to my store i wont shop there again. This is uk. They wouldnt supply meat in their countries slaughtered our way.

  48. Can anybody tell me if kfc charge for the normal tomato dips and mayo because I have never been charged for dips going through drive thro. Except today from some very undertrained ameture staff . Rude and abrupt . To the extent nearly chucking food through the car window

  49. Very upset went to st austell kfc this morning ordered a big daddy meal , then was told there was no hash browns to go in it .but still had to pay full price what I really think is shocking

  50. Every time I go to KFC I have to remind people serving that go large is a large drink and large fries not just a drink . Perhaps a reminder to staff might be useful!

  51. Very useful website, KFC should have their own personal price list menu on their website but I can’t find it? anyways thanks for taking your time to do this website.

  52. Today we had .zng bgrs my wifes was so overcooked and kept warm that it was totally dried out and inedible.
    The premises looked much cleaner than our last visit,but due to the quality of the food we will not be returning.
    A great pity because we used to call in regularly with our family .
    I feel that you should be made aware of the food quality,R P Rostock.

  53. get the following in manchester branches.

    flaming hot or crispy chicken wrap
    small fries
    small popcorn chicken

    can never spot it on a drive through or menu so have to remember the name.

  54. Hello admin, Thanks for the post.It provides information about KFC menu and the prices of different foods in it.KFC has different foods such as chickens,burgers,buckets,crushers and many more,I like it very much. KFC is known to provide quality food through out the world.Thank you..

  55. Nice web site.
    But……….we went to our local KFC on the strength of this (armed with £16.99) for a wicked 10pcs bucket.
    It was £17.99 not £16.99 as mentioned above.
    Luckily….I had a spare pound in my pocket.
    Thanks though.
    And that bucket is faaaar to much for two people who are on a VLC diet.
    Still nice and tasty.

  56. RANK, ABSOLUTELY RANK!!!!!!!! I can’t believe these people make money from this slop!!!!!!!! I will be going to maccy d’s from now on as they are 10 times better than KFC, what a load of rubbish!!!!!!! And also stop employing stupid Poeple who can’t even get a order right, never again I would rather eat dog food. Again I will say you are crap

  57. Bring back the original chunky chips please these French fries are not nice at all, many of friend s & family say the same. Only mc ds have nice French fries. Burger King chips are lovely maybe u should try something like that.

  58. i dont want to eat halal food …and kfc always get my order wrong …terrible service from youngsters who are more interested in their appearance.. also why are they not wearing ppe…gloves ..hairnets….they assemble burgers with bare hands ewww

  59. Yet again longwell green Bristol don’t complete the drive through order & get it wrong!… drive home & too late!
    Useless! I suggest KFC look at the franchise owners for competency!

  60. Why are you making your KFC stores in to halal when there is so many people that don’t eat halal!!!!!! What about as non Muslims that don’t ear halal!!!!!
    Used to eat 2 to 4 times a week at my local Southall KFC until you made it halal (a lot people have stopped going to the branch )
    Now 1 in very very blue moon I might eat KFC as I have to travel on a bus/public transport etc or if I’m near non halal KFC branch! !!!!
    It’s bad enough that all the other children shops are all halal

  61. You can get food delivered almost anywhere including rural areas but you can’t get ANYONE to deliver the big names in Moss Side, Manchester! This is because people are basing their ideas on how the area was TWENTY YEARS AGO!
    Biased, prejudiced and downright unfair!

  62. Ordered three piece meal and 3 large fries only to find when I got home that 2 large fries were missing. The petrol cost to drive back and complain would have left me out of pocket so I chose not to. Terrible service on this occasion

  63. KFC Morden branch have put an A4 printed notice on their wall which states after 11pm their prices go up and don’t reflect the prices on the menu, ask staff for individual prices!
    Is this even legal?

  64. Really disappointed with Trowbridge KFC dry pieces of chicken cold chips asked for gravy none when got home only took 3 mins to get home so obviously at best warm when left could of saved £16 and gone to a restaurant instead

  65. Just paid 4.99 for cold stale chips and 3 strips of chicken and coke
    I asked for fillet burgers and tea
    Only cold drinks and no chicken
    What it’s KFC
    Probably go home and get shits now
    Well done KFC crap again

  66. Will be a very sad day when you serve HALAL chicken across the whole of U. K for the minority of the muslim popultion.
    I think the majority would prefer NON HALAL to remain so at least animal welfare and hygiene standards are paramount!
    I wont be eating KFC if choose this route 🙁

  67. As a Christian and a believer of cruelty free slaughter. I do not want to eat halal meat. Please do not run this trial across the UK. If you must please the Muslim’s who choose to live in a country who don’t have to eat halal. Keep it in areas of eg London Bradford Birmingham

  68. Dips have changed to
    BBQ, Hot Sauce, Garlic Mayo, Sweet chili, and tomato, all for 25p.
    You can add 4 Original recipe chicken, 4 mini fillets, large popcorn chicken, 8 hot wings, to any sharing bucket meal in any amounts for £3 each. and upgrade your fries to 4 large on any bucket for 60p or, 6 large for 90p.
    Shaker salads are fillet, zinger, popcorn chicken, or corn.
    You can get 3pc variety, and mini variety packs.
    No longer do dips with wicked variety, or fruit tubes with kids meal
    12 boneless dipping feast is 17.99
    Sundaes also include choclate and plain
    Fillet box meal (fully loaded), fillet burger, 1pc chicken or 2 hotwings, reg side, fries, drink is 5.89.
    Zinger box meal (fully loaded), fillet burger, 1pc chicken or 2 hotwings, reg side, fries, drink is 5.89.
    Big daddy box meal
    Bomeless banquet for one, 3 mini fillets, 10pc pocorn chicken reg side, fries, drink is 6.19.

  69. Need to stop trying to please this muslim population since they are minorities and would probably complain about something else anyway e.g. making burger king halal across UK… Keep UK non halal at least in most areas!

  70. Please, when you had items to your menu,add the prices also.The two items I am referring to are The Mega box,and the Double down Bacon Burger.Thank you.

  71. People should get some facts about halal and none halal meat and them make comments. Only them you will discover that kosher and halal are the only cruelty free ways to slaughter animals.

  72. Animal welfare is a high priority for most of us in Britain. You will lose a lot of customers if you go down the halal route. Their are many halal restaurants catering for those who wish to eat halal neat. Those of us who don’t are your customer base which you will be drastically reducing if you go down the halal route.

  73. Please do not use halal chicken I will stop eating kfc rather than eat this cruel horrible practice used on these poor chickens.Halal should be banned in the uk. Valerie

  74. KFC should not change to Halal chicken. Why should we the non Muslims eat Halal meat. What next? Won’t be eating KFC if you go Halal.
    Why not kosher?

  75. KFC is a franchise restaurant so if the franchiser chooses halal then it is upto him/her
    If he/she feels they profit or benefit from that choice then upto them
    To those who disagree then maybe choose mackys instead !

  76. I am astounded at the number of people that think this website is actually a KFC website, and seem not to realise the owners of fastfoodpricesco.uk are just putting up the prices to give folks a rough guide as to the prices…


  77. PEOPLe need understanding on the halal situation- halal and kosher is the same thing – if some people follow different rules and u disagree then maybe u should go back to school and re educate yourself – it’s 2018 and some people are so childish and disrespectful grow up half of the food and take out you eat is majority halal any way – halal or not it’s still food it’s not poison- #growup #howildareyou

  78. I have tried halal and can honestly say it tastes better, the reason for this i think is the blood drains out of the chicken when slaughtered by cutting the neck, when you stun an animal not all of the blood drains due to the shock, just my opinion but would definetly recomend you try it and then decide, i wouldnt give kfc up for anything lol

  79. So I’ve seen people comment “there shouldn’t be halal kfc” “what next kfc kosher” … “cruel halal methods”

    Please research before you comment.

    1. Kfc is using the hfa board to make chicken halal. More or less the chickens are stunned before death and some what controversy if that’s considered to be halal. How on Earth do you think they slaughter un-halal chicken?

    2. Muslims can eat kosher meats.

    3. Do you see Muslims complain about non-halal kfc branches. If you have a big problem with halal chicken then simply no ones forcing you to eat it.

    Just simply research before you comment.

  80. Hi halal meat does not bother me except the fact i only like one meal at kfc and thats the big daddy box meal and i went to 2 restaurants by me and both dont serve it because of the bacon. Absolute joke not happy me or my family will not be visiting kfc again we meant to be british.

  81. I recently got a meal at KFC Hopwood Park who charged me the princely sum of £1.50 to Go Large on my Zinger Box Meal. Is this unusually high or about right? Either way I was scandalized by it.

  82. All KFC’s use halal chicken in the UK . They have an exclusive contract with Ahmed Shah Butchers .
    The meat is of a lower grade than McDonalds , which allows them a higher profit margin .

  83. My comment is awaiting moderation, but I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say now, but as my mother says, it must of been a load of crap then !

  84. KFC is so boring in comparison to the rest of the world. No mash potatoes. No macaroni cheese. No alternative as in i.e. crunchy skin rather than the norm. No buscuit. …. I dont bother with KFC anymore. Especially liverpool England. Service is awful and no passion in customer service. KFC was my ultimate fast food for years. Now. I don’t bother.

  85. heres a good idea why don’t everyone just buy a chicken and cook yourselves,try halogen oven gets rid of loads of fat and tastes great,fast food is creating a overweight population,kfc mc donalds,buger king,subway,all these shops need to go as in the 80s are population was not suffering with so many over weight people………..it is what it is……………………….

  86. Why is KFC even thinking of serving halal meat across the country. This is Great Britain and we are not a country what likes our animals suffering unnecessarily.

    1. Science proves that blood is the most capable medium of bacterial growth. This contaminated meat makes the human body more vulnerable to infections and considerable pain in the joints, due to the rising uric acid level in the blood. The meat YOU eat do research mate!

  87. if you go to the kfc in canning town near me they have excellent customer service.
    but charging £29.99 for only 20 pieces of chicken on there own with nothing else is very steep wont be going back there for a while
    the price is only £16.99 for 16 your telling me that an extra 4 pieces is 13 pound more
    im thinking i got conned and the girl who served me got a little extra in her pay at my expense

  88. I have lost my club card & I have receipts but cannot redeem them. I have tried to download the app on my phone but it wont accept it . Can you tell me how to redeem my receipts please. From Anne Sallie

  89. Took a tenant to kfc in llansamlet Swansea. The lad in the window made the whole experience hard work .charged £8.16p for two coffees and cookie they where £1.99 each
    So he charged £4.18 for a cream ball and small coke .mc flurry and small coke in mc.donalds £1.87.
    When we went to the window we was told there out of coffee beans would we wait .so we sat 5 minutes for what was ment to be a white coffee to be delivered to the car .only to get given half a cup of black coffee .complete shit service say the least .

  90. No price for fries and soft drinks?
    Apparently the price on soft drinks has increased due to the sugar tax.
    So a zinger boxed up towered meal and extra fries cost £8.89 now.
    The new potato skin fries are not as good as the old ones.

  91. Went to the Bromley branch and couldn’t find the 3 piece variety meal on the new self service order panel. Went to the counter and asked if they still do it. Yes they said so ordered it.
    When I got the meal it was just 3 pieces of chicken. Assume they don’t do it anymore? Shame because I loved this meal and will not bother with KFC anymore.

  92. Why does a colonels club £4.50 boneless banquet cost £4.60?
    I was charged £4.60 to include sugar tax on the drink.

    Surely a set club price offer should be as stated £4.50?

    1. Are you dense? Halal is better for animal welfare its painless slaughter and they are separated so they dont see other animals slaughtered whereas non halal is inhumane killing lmao they electrocute etc you’re so ignorant

  93. Ordered a standard Family Feast 6 pieces (+2 sides and a bottle of drink) and paid £14.45 in Sutton uk. Is that correct or have I been conned?

  94. Grandchildren wanted a KFC, my daughter went and got a 10 piece bucket, and l got a cheese and bacon chicken burger, The 10 piece bucket wasn’t that good, one piece had no meat on, and another wasn’t worth eating, the fries were rubbish, and my burger was supposed to have a piece of chicken and a side with it, my fries were rubbish as well, and my chicken burger was burnt, not just dark brown but black in places. We got them from Killington near Newcastle UK, we won’t be back,

    1. So don’t, you’re business isn’t needed, I doubt they’ll bend over backwards to accommodate your ignorance. The halal kfc in our area is super busy with many regulars regardless of their faith.

  95. Just purchased a wicked Zinger tower meal regular and was charged £6.89. Is this correct as it was advertised cheaper on the drive through board and is priced at £4.99 on this site??

      1. EI must say that the seal and road kfc Chester is the most poorly run fast food establishments ever,,been tonight to order a 10pcs family bucket at 7:20pm to be told there will be a 20minute wait for chicken,,,,COME ON YOU SELL CHICKEN, when asked why( because we,be sold a lot of chicken) not so judging by the cars driving straight through the drive through,,,fast food means FAST FOOD not pay us then park up for 20/30 minutes while we can be bothered to cook some more chicken,,,also when I asked for the managers name it was not given to me until the 3rd attempt. That’s ok because if you don’t want my money there’s plenty that do Stuff your chicken kfc it’s not worth the price anyway

  96. Halal tastes nicer than the regular chicken, Im a regular an I in love with the Quality of service & food @ Small heath Birmingham. It’s better than Dixy & Roscoes


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