McDonalds Chicken Legend Burgers

McDondalds released a range of 3 Chicken Legend Burgers.

  • Chicken Legend Cool Mayo
  • Chicken Legend BBQ Sauce
  • Chicken Legend Hot & Spicy Mayo

They’re available for £ 3.49 if bought separate. And £ 4.99 if you buy a Chicken Legend Meal. All 3 burgers in this range are sold for the same price. So pick and choose your favorite burger. The price stays the same whatever sauce you choose.




The caloric values of the burgers are as follows:

  • Chicken Legend Cool Mayo: 529 Kcal
  • Chicken Legend BBQ Sauce: 484 Kcal
  • Chicken Legend Hot & Spicy Mayo: 519 Kcal

So depending on what sauce you choose, you can shave a few calories of your burger or meal.

The burgers are not limited time promotions. They are full fledged permanent menu items. They’re here to stay. So you can enjoy them for a long long time. My personal favorite is the Hot & Spicy Mayo version. The BBQ Sauce version is a bit too sweat for my tasting. Although that one is the burger in this range with the least calories.

The roll is really really nice. It’s warm and firm. Tastes really nice. McDonalds has been growing towards becoming a more modern burger company. Where you can buy burgers that look and taste as good as in the best artisan restaurants. This roll is a prime example of their move. For a 4th of the price when compared to a artisan burger, they’re almost as good. So job well done McD.

The lettuce isn’t great. It’s crisp and fresh but not the best asset of this burger. The crispy Chicken burger is the best part of this burger. Combined with the sauce it’s an excellent value for money. It tastes better then a McChicken.