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Post updated 04/17/2023
Are you looking for Mcdonald’s prices UK April 2023? You probably noticed that the prices are not published on the restaurant’s website. McDonald’s is one of the most famous fast-food restaurants in the UK. Just like many other franchise restaurants, McDonald’s UK prices are not published on the internet.

Sometimes we need the price list to find out what the McDonalds UK prices for the menu items are. We want to find out the McDonalds menu prices of items such as the BigMac Price, Happy meal price, milkshake price, or the McDonalds breakfast menu prices. However, these menu prices are not published on the internet. So if you are looking for the McDonald’s menu prices, or more specific menu prices UK, then I hope the following chart will come in very handy for you.

Here you’ll find all products listed on the McDonalds menu and, more importantly, the latest prices of the item. Mcdonald’s breakfast menu prices are also included in the chart. So, from now on you don’t have to worry about the menu and prices because they are all available. After checking this price list you will know the answer to questions such as: how much is a happy meal? What does the McDonalds breakfast menu consist of? You’ll find the coffee price too. Please be aware that McDonald’s is a franchise and prices may differ across the UK.

Free fruit once a month

Did you know that McDonald’s offers free fruit once a month? Every first Friday of the month, they give away free fruit in participating restaurants. This is a way for them to encourage children to eat their 5 a day. To have children enjoy more fruit than they normally would.

Would you like to see the secret menu of McDonald’s on our website too? You did know this restaurant has a secret menu? They list items that aren’t listed on the regular menu. We could do you guys a favor and add these kinds of menus to our website? Leave a comment about it and we’ll see what we can do if a lot of peeps want this.

If there’s anything missing on this page you’d like to see we add, please don’t hesitate to give us a heads up in the comments. We’ll make sure to add anything related to the Mcdonalds menu prices asap. We’re currently getting ready to get you the 2022 prices. Holidays are closing in on us. The new prices will become available to us in the coming months.

McDonald’s Menu prices UK 2022


Individual PriceMedium Extra Value MealLarge Extra Value Meal
Chicken Legend with Cool Mayo£3.99£5.39£5.79
Chicken Legend with Hot & Spicy Mayo£3.99£5.39£5.79
Chicken Legend with BBQ Sauce£3.99£5.39£5.79
Chicken Selects 3 pieces£3.39£4.99£5.49
Chicken Selects 5 pieces£4.39£5.99£6.29
Big Mac£3.39£4.79£5.19
Quarter Pounder with Cheese£3.39£4.79£5.19
McChicken Sandwich£3.39£4.79£5.19
Chicken McNuggets 6 pieces£3.39  
Chicken McNuggets 9 pieces£3.69  
Chicken McNuggets 20 piece share box£5.19  

McDonald’s SALADS

Individual Price  
Grilled Chicken Salad£3.59  
Grilled Chicken & Bacon Salad£3.89  
Crispy Chicken Salad£3.59  
Crispy Chicken & Bacon Salad£3.89  
DELI CHOICES – Wraps or SandwichesIndividual Price  
Grilled Chicken Salad£3.79  
Grilled Chicken Salad & Bacon£3.99  
Crispy Chicken£3.79  
Crispy Chicken & Bacon£3.99  


Individual Price  


Individual Price  
Double Cheeseburger£1.69  
Mayo Chicken£1.29  
Shaker Side Salad£1.29  
Sundaes Strawberry / Toffee£1.29  
Medium Fries£1.29  
McFlurry Various£1.29  

How much does a Happy meal cost in the UK?

You can find the Mcdonald’s happy meal prices below. They cost around £2.49 – £2.79. As you probably know, the Happy Meal is McDonald’s’ children’s menu. A few years ago the company made a deal with Disney to provide toys for Mcdonald’s happy meal. Now, other toys can be found in every children’s meal.


Meal Price 
Chicken McNuggets 4 pieces£2.99 
Fish Fingers£2.99 
Vegan wrap£2.99 
Carrot Sticks individual price£0.99 

McDonald’s Breakfast Menu

The company with the big M is extending the Mcdonald’s Breakfast UK ordering time. Up till now, the Mcdonald’s breakfast menu was not available after 10:30 a.m. People searching for a real Mcdonald’s breakfast could not order the Egg McMuffin and Sausage Biscuit after 10:30 a.m. McDonald’s is now investigating the opportunity to combine the breakfast menu in the UK and McDonald’s’ lunch. McDonald’s hasn’t decided yet whether the breakfast and lunch menu will be combined or not. Find the Mcdonald’s Breakfast Hours here. For the time being, the following Mcdonald’s breakfast menu price will (hopefully) do.


Individual PriceMeal Price
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Bagel£2.39£3.69
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel£2.39£3.69
Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin£2.99£4.29
Double Bacon & Egg McMuffin£2.99£4.29
Pancakes & Syrup£2.39 
Pancakes & Sausage with Syrup£2.89£3.99
Sausage & Egg McMuffin£2.89£3.99
Bacon & Egg McMuffin£2.89£3.99
Bacon Roll£2.89£3.99
Quaker Oats Simple Porridge£1.49 
Bagel – various£1.49 
Hash Brown£0.99 


McDonald’s Coffee Menu

McCafé coffeeRegularLarge
Toffee late£2.29£2.59
Flat White£1.99 
White Coffee£1.89£2.19
Black Coffee£1.89£2.19
Hot Chocolate£1.99£2.29
McCafé ICEDRegularLarge
Iced Latte (new)£2.29£2.69
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade£2.19£2.69
Caramel Iced Frappé£2.39£2.69
Mango & Pineapple Iced Fruit Smoothie£2.19£2.69
Tempting treatsPrice 
Chocolate donut£1.39 
Sugar Donut£1.29 
Triple Chocolate Cookie£1.29 
Blueberry Muffin£1.49 
Chocolate Muffin£1.49 

What’s the cheapest item at McDonald’s?

The cheapest item is actually part of the Breakfast Menu. It’s a bottle of Organic Semi-Skimmed Milk which costs 89p.

Is McDonald’s in the UK closed due to Corona / Covid-19?

Update: On September the 8th and until the UK government or local authorities say otherwise it’s allowed again to enter McDonald’s restaurants. If you want to stay the safest it’s best to go to a McDrive and order your food there or order your food with Uber Eats. 

Wrap of the day

A few months ago McDonald’s launched the Wrap of the day campaign. 

Every day of the week you can order a Wrap for just £1.99. Below you’ll find a list of Wraps you can order and what Wrap is on sale on what day. There are 7 different Wraps to choose from. Most of the Wraps come in two different versions. A grilled version and a crispy version. Which one will you choose?

McDonald’s Wrap of the Day

MondaySpicy Veggie One 364 kcal£2.19
TuesdayBBQ Chicken & Bacon366 kcal500 kcal£2.19
WednesdayGarlic Mayo Chicken345 kcal479 kcal£2.19
ThursdaySweet Chilli Chicken340 kcal474 kcal£2.19
FridayHot Cajun Chicken369 kcal503 kcal£2.19
SaturdaySweet Chilli Chicken340 kcal474 kcal£2.19
SundayBBQ Chicken & Bacon366 kcal500 kcal£2.19

You can read more about the Wrap of the Day from McDonald’s here.

McDonald’s 2023 Menu UK Pictures

Here’s a picture of the McDonalds Menu from 2019 taken in a London branch:

This is a picture from the 2019 McDonalds coffee menu

THis is a picture of the breakfast menu in 2019

This is a picture of the old menu from 2018

This an even older picture from the menu in 2015

Looking for other menu prices? You can find the following menu’s including UK prices on

McDonalds menu  –  Burger King Menu  –  KFC Menu  –  Pizza Hut Menu  –  Domino’s Menu –    Subway Menu  –  Bagel Nash Menu  –  Little Chef Menu   –  Chicken Cottage Menu  –  Shakeaway Menu  –  Barburrito Menu  –  Dixy Chicken Menu  –  Spud U Like Menu

Every year they change their prices based on inflation and based on how popular or how often a certain item on the menu is bought (or not bought). They take in to account people’s price elasticity. McDonald’s wants to make the biggest profit, selling the least amount of products. We’ll be here to give you the updated 2020 price list.

This is what a Big Mac menu meal costs in the UK:

  • Medium Big Mac meal £4.59
  • Large Big Mac meal £4.99

This is what a McChicken menu meal costs in the UK:

  • Medium McChicken meal £4.59
  • Large McChicken meal £4.99

McDonald’s coupon codes

You can usually get some coupons with your menu or outside your local restaurant around lunchtime. Not all restaurants give them away. if their turnover is good then they probably don’t need to give away any coupon codes. So walk around a few Mcdonald’s restaurants when it’s almost lunchtime. That’s a good time to grab some coupons and get a discount.

The most common items on coupons are usually 2 for 1, a Pound of 1 menu item of a discount when you buy 2 similar items. Depending on your taste and what you feel like eating or drinking at the time you can make a choice of what coupons you cash in on.

Updated April 2022

Send us photos from your local menu

We’re always interested in receiving pictures from your local Mcdonald’s menu. Prices differ between different outlets. We’d like to compare them with each other so we can determine what prices to show on this page. 


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  1. Really interesting comments page. I thought most McDonalds eaters were half-wits. Good to have confirmation of that.

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  7. Im not sure if its all McDonalds or the one i went to in central london area, but they now have small and large mcflurry, small is 99p and large is 1.40. the small is no more than an inch an a half tall :/ and the large the original size

  8. Have always used the “Food for thought” and got my discount number Big Mac and Medium fries for 1.99 is a good saving. Make saving your receipt well wort while.

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