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If you want to have breakfast at McDonalds, you want to know at what hours breakfast is served.

Use the following as a basic rule: All breakfast is served untill 10.30 AM.

So at 10:30 AM breakfast ends. Depending on restaurant opening hours, you can have breakfast starting at 5 AM in the morning. Many are open at 5 Am. Not all McDonalds restaurants are open at 5 AM though. Most start at 7:30 AM. Some start at 6 AM. You won’t find a restaurant which isn’t open from 8 AM. Usually only on monday morning, restaurants open a little later. At the latest at 8 AM. But we think 98% of all restaurants open at 7:30 AM. 75% at 6 AM and about 40% – 50% at 5 AM in the morning.

All restaurants do serve the same menu. You’ll find quite a big breakfast selection at McDonalds. You can view the breakfast menu here.

If you’re wondering how much a breakfast is? A basic meal in the morning is 3.39. You’ll get a  Sausage & Egg Muffin, with a coffee for instance. More extensive breakfast menu’s are available if you’re more hungry in the morning. You can also get a separate Sausage & Egg Muffin, if you only feel like having a small bite. We’ve done another check for 2017. And this info is still up to date an can be used.


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  1. “But we think 98% of all restaurants open at 7:30 AM. 75% at 6 AM and about 40% – 50% at 5 AM in the morning” is it me or are those maths a bit off? Lol

    1. No, 98% are open at 7.30, as this includes any McDonalds that have opened earlier than 7.30 – the same for the %’s at the other opening times. Cumulative %. 🙂

  2. How can you tell what time an “Open 24 Hours” branch will start to serve breakfast? This is something you could put on your website, maybe as additional info on the branch locator.


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