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Little Chef Menu Price UKIn need of the October 2021 Little Chef prices? You can find the Little Chef menu in the UK and all prices on this page. Little Chef is a renowned restaurant in the UK. When we need the menu price for some restaurants but it is not easy to get the menu price on the web, we feel very angry. So if you are in search of Little Chef menu prices, actually Little Chef menu prices in the UK, then I hope this chart is the answer for you. Here you will get a full Little Chef menu and also the current price. Little Chef special menu is also included in the chart. So, from now on you don’t have to worry to get the Little Chef menu and Little Chef menu prices because all these are available for you on this page. If you want to have breakfast at Little Chef and want to check the price, the Little Chef breakfast menu prices are included as well.

What do you think about Little Chef’s menu & prices? We’ve updated them for October 2021.

BreakFast  Price
The Olympic Breakfast £7.99
The Breakfast Wrap£3.99
The Veggie Olympic Breakfast £7.99
Charlie’s French Toast£3.49
The Early Starter £6.29
Pancake Breakfast£3.49
The Veggie Early Starter £6.29
American Style Breakfast£6.99
Omelet Breakfast £5.99
Breakfast Butty £3.69
Scrambled Eggs
With Bacon or Sausages£5.49
Scrambled Eggs
and Smoked Salmon£6.99
Breakfast Extras£0.89 each
Cereals £1.69
Yogurt Pots £0.99
Cereal Breakfast£4.99
Eggs or Beans on Toast£3.99
Tea and Crumpets,
Toasted Teacake or Pastry £3.99
“Our Best Ever Chicken Soup” £3.99
Seasonal Soup of the Day£3.99
Nacho Chicken £3.99
Garlic and Herb
Breaded Mushrooms £3.99
Southern Chicken Goujons £3.99
Tempura Battered
King Prawns£4.29
Salads £6.99
Jacket Potatoes
Baked beans £4.29
Cheddar cheese£4.29
Flaked tuna mayo £4.99
Beef chili with crème fraîche£4.99
Three bean veggie chili with crème fraîche £4.99
Sandwiches, Wraps and Toasties
Nacho chicken, bacon and sliced tomato£4.99
Honey roast ham and cheddar cheese£4.99
Cheddar cheese and tomato £4.99
Flaked tuna mayo £4.99
Tuna melt £4.99
Monster Nachos £6.99
Little Chef Combo Platter£6.99
Our Classic Burger £7.49
Chicken Breast Burger £7.49
Veggie Burger£6.99
Cheddar cheese £0.89
Caramelized onions £0.89
Three bean veggie chili £1.50
Hot Dog and Chips £4.49
Add caramelized onions for £0.89
Chili Dog£5.99
The Tale of Two Dogs£7.99
Ham, Egg and Chips £5.99
Spicy Potato and Parsnip Bake £6.99
Three Egg Omelets £6.99
Add an extra filling for £0.89
Half Roast BBQ Chicken £8.99
Jumbo Cod and Chips £7.99
Wee Fish and Chips! £5.99
Scampi and Fries £7.99
Steak and Ale Pie£8.39
Chicken and Ham Pie £8.39
Gammon Steak and Egg £7.99
Crispy Chicken Platter£7.79
Chili con Carne £7.29
Three Bean Veggie chili £6.99
Hunter’s Chicken £7.99
Fries £1.99
Fries and cheese£2.59
Gastro fries£2.59
Side of mash £2.59
Baked potato & butter £2.99
Garlic bread slices (3)£2.39
Cheesy garlic bread (3) £2.99
Bloomer bread & butter (2 slices)£1.60
Onion rings (6)£1.99
Market vegetables £1.99
Garden peas £0.99
Side salad£2.29
Caramelized onions £0.89
Candy Shop Cheesecake £3.99
Carrot Cake£3.99
Kentish Bramley Apple Pie£3.99
Chocolate Fudge Cake £3.99
Sticky Toffee Pudding £3.99
Apple and Rhubarb Crumble £3.99
Dairy Ice Cream £2.99
Charlie’s Ice Cream Sundae£3.99
Jubilee Pancake £3.99
Apple and Raspberry Pancake £3.99
Maple Syrup Pancake £3.99
Classic Pancakes £2.99
Toffee and Banana Pancake£4.29
Rocky Road Pancake£4.29
Main Meals
Get Set, GO! Breakfast £3.49
Fish Fingers£3.49
Planet Spaghetti £3.49
Macaroni Cheese£3.49
Cheese Burger£3.49
Chicken Goujons £3.49
Jacket Potato (G)£3.49
Cheese & Tomato Pizza£3.49
Hot Dog£3.49
Apple and blackcurrant£1.25
Semi-skimmed Milk£0.80
Ice Cream (G)£1.99
Perfect Pancakes£1.99
Main & Pudding only£4.98
Chocolate fudge cake£3.99
Jubilee pancake£3.99
A cherry-filled pancake served with vanilla ice cream.£3.99
Apple & raspberry pancake£3.99
Pancake with apple and raspberry filling served with vanilla ice cream.£3.99
Maple syrup pancakes£3.99
Two pancakes with maple syrup drizzles.£3.99
Classic pancakes£2.99
Two pancakes with lemon and sugar.£2.99
Toffee & banana pancake£4.29
Filled with bananas and hot toffee sauce. Served with ice cream.
rocky road pancake£4.39
Shmoo Shakes£2.29
Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry.
Cold Drinks
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max,£1.99
Tango, 7up£1.99
Mug of Tea£1.99
A mug of Yorkshire Tea by Taylors of Harrogate.
Pot of Tea£2.29
A pot of Yorkshire Tea by Taylors of Harrogate.
Specialty Teas£2.29
Double Espresso£2.39
Espresso Macchiato£2.19
Double Espresso Macchiato£2.39
Flat White£2.49£2.51
Syrup 30p£2.49£2.52
Filter Coffee£2.49£1.49
Strathmore Sparkling Water £1.99
Strathmore Still Water£1.99
Hot Chocolate£2.59
Hot Chocolate Deluxe£2.99
100% Pure Apple Juice£1.99
100% Pure Orange Juice£1.99
J2O – Ask server for flavors£2.29
Robinsons™ Fruit Shoot£1.35

Updated October 2021

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  1. The menu is very misleading. The above prices do not reflect the true price paid as the 20% VAT to be added is not indicated anywhere. Surely this cannot adhere to the required UK regulations.

  2. Thought the law required that prices state where VAT is excluded or additional to be clearly stated. As this is not the case with Little Chef menu’s we will be contacting HMCE TO INVESTIGATE THIS.

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