Burger King Introduces Vegan Burgers (in the US)

Back in August Burger King launched its first Vegan burger. The Impossible Whopper. They’re now introducing 2 more Vegan options to their menu.

The Rebel Whopper and the Rebel Chicken King are the next to burgers to be added to their menu. When the Vegan options are coming to the UK is unclear.

Many people have complained that the Impossible Whopper is not a real Vegan burger. If you just order the Impossible Whopper without adding the fact that you’d like it Vegan, it’s true! But if you tell the person who’s helping you at the registry you like it vegan they will cook the burger for you on a separate boiler. This way the animal (by-products) from the other menu items isn’t mixed with your Vegan Burger.

In the Sweden the 2 new burgers have already been introduced.

This is the Rebel Whopper


This is the Rebel Chicken King



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