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sml_storelogo_301Shakeaway menu prices for June 2024 are listed below. The products listed on the Shakeaway price list are probably the best milkshake products in the UK. Unfortunately, the Shakeaway prices in the UK are not published online. So if you are trying to get the Shakeaway menu prices, actually Shakeaway menu prices UK, I hope this chart will be useful for you. Here, you will get the entire Shakeaway menu and also the current 2021 price of the items. Shakeaway special menus are included in the chart. So, from now on you don’t have to here and there to find the Shakeaway menu and Shakeaway menu prices because all these are available for you here on this page.

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Shakeaway’s amazing menus & prices 2024
Size Matters
regular with one flavor£2.99
large with one flavor£3.99
extra flavors£0.99 each
extra ice-cream makes it really thick
tops and bottoms from£0.59
Smoothies re-invented 
Choose a free topping
large £4.85
Smoothies re-invented single flavours
Regular with one flavor £3.05
Large with one flavor £4.05
Hot stuff winter menu
large £4.75
Nice Cuppa Tea
Regular –£0.99
large – £1.25
Pretty Teas
Regular –£0.99
large –£1.25
Regular –£1.50
large –£1.70
Regular –£1.60
large –£1.89
Regular –£1.40
large –£1.60
Regular –£1.15
large –£1.35
Hot Chocolate
Regular –£1.65
large –£1.95
White Hot Chocolate
Regular –£1.85
large –£1.95
Nutella Hot Chocolate
Regular –£1.95
large –£2.55
Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate
Regular –£1.95
large –£2.45
Choca Mocha
Regular –£1.95
large –£1.95
White Hot Choca Mocha
Regular –£1.95
large –£1.95
Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate
Regular –£1.95
large –£1.95
Spiced Chai Latte
Regular –£1.85
large –£1.95
Regular –£1.95
large –£1.95
Hot Chocolatey Horlicks
Regular –£1.95
large –£2.45
Regular –£1.95
large –£1.95
Hot Chocolatey Ovaltine
Regular –£1.95
large –£2.45
Maltesers, Marshmallows, nuts, whipped cream, and more from
Add an extra espresso shot to any hot drink for£0.50

We’ve updated the prices for Shakeaway to represent the June 2024 changes.

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