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Looking for mcdonalds prices uk june 2019? You probably noticed that the mcdonalds UK prices are not published on the restaurant’s website. McDonalds  is one of the most famous fast food restaurants in the UK. Just like many other franchise restaurants, McDonalds UK prices are not published on the internet.

Sometimes it occurs that we need the price list to find out what the McDonalds UK prices for the menu items are. We want to find out the mcdonalds menu prices of items such as the BigMac Price, Happymeal price, milkshake price or the McDonalds breakfast menu prices. However, these menu prices are not published on the internet. So if you are looking for the McDonald’s menu prices, or more specific menu prices UK, then I hope the following chart will come in very handy for you. Here you’ll find all products listed on the McDonalds menu and, more important, the latest prices of the item. Mcdonalds breakfast menu prices are also included in the chart. So, from now on you don’t have to worry about the menu and prices because they are all available. After checking this price list you will know the answer to questions such as: how much is a happy meal? What does the mcdonalds breakfast menu consist of? You’ll find the coffee price to. Please be aware that McDonalds is a franchise and prices may differ across the UK.

What do you think about McDonald’s menu & prices? We’ve made an update to the price list for 2019. You’ll see the prices that Burger King will charge you in the new year!

Did you know that McDonalds offers free fruit once a month? Every first Friday of the month, they give away free fruit in participating restaurants. This is a way for them to encourage children to eat their 5 a day. To have children enjoy more fruit than they normally would.

Would you like to see the secret menu of McDonalds on our website too? You did know this restaurant has secret menu’s? They list items which aren’t listed on the regular menu. We could do you guys a favor and add these kinds of menu’s to our website? Leave a comment about it and we’ll see what we can do if a lot of peeps want this.

If there’s anything missing on this page you’d like to see we add, please don’t hesitate to give us a heads up in the comments. We’ll make sure to add anything related to the Mcdonalds menu prices asap. We’re currently getting ready to get you the 2019 prices. The Holidays are closing in on us. The new prices will become available to us in the coming months.

McDonalds prices UK 2019

SANDWICHESIndividual PriceMedium Extra Value MealLarge Extra Value Meal
Chicken Legend with Cool Mayo£3.89£5.29£5.69
Chicken Legend with Hot & Spicy Mayo£3.89£5.29£5.69
Chicken Legend with BBQ Sauce£3.89£5.29£5.69
Chicken Selects 3 pieces£3.29£4.89£5.29
Chicken Selects 5 pieces£4.29£5.89£6.29
Big Mac£3.19£4.69£5.09
Quarter Pounder with Cheese£3.19£4.69£5.09
McChicken Sandwich£3.19£4.69£5.09
Chicken McNuggets 6 pieces£3.19  
Chicken McNuggets 9 pieces£3.49  
Chicken McNuggets 20 piece share box£4.99  
SALADSIndividual Price  
Grilled Chicken Salad£3.33  
Grilled Chicken & Bacon Salad£3.69  
Crispy Chicken Salad£3.39  
Crispy Chicken & Bacon Salad£3.69  
DELI CHOICES – Wraps or SandwichesIndividual Price  
Grilled Chicken Salad£3.59  
Grilled Chicken Salad & Bacon£3.89  
Crispy Chicken£3.59  
Crispy Chicken & Bacon£3.89  
FRENCH FRIESIndividual Price  
SAVER MENUIndividual Price  
Double Cheeseburger£1.49  
Mayo Chicken£0.99  
Shaker Side Salad£1.09  
Sundaes Strawberry / Toffee£0.99  
Medium Fries£1.09  
McFlurry Various£0.99  

How much does a Happy meal cost in the UK?

You can find the McDonalds happy meal prices below. They cost around £2.49 – £2.79. As you probably know, the Happy Meal is McDonalds’ children menu. A few years ago the company made a deal with Disney to provide toys for the mcdonalds happy meal. Now, other toys can be found in every childrens’ meal.

Chicken McNuggets 4 pieces£2.79 
Fish Fingers£2.79 
Vegan wrap£2.79 
Carrot Sticks individual price£0.79 

McDonalds Breakfast Menu

The company with the big M is extending the McDonalds Breakfast UK ordering time. Up till now the mcdonalds breakfast menu was not available after 10:30 a.m. People searching for a real mcdonalds breakfast could not order the Egg McMuffin and Sausage Biscuit after 10:30 a.m. McDonalds is now investigating the opportunity to combine the mcdonalds breakfast menu uk and the mcdonalds lunch. McDonalds hasn’t decided yet whether the breakfast and lunch menu will be combined or not. Find the McDonalds Breakfast Hours here. For the time being, the following mcdonalds breakfast menu price will (hopefully) do.

BREAKFASTIndividual PriceMeal Price
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Bagel£2.19£3.49
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel£2.19£3.49
Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin£2.79£4.19
Double Bacon & Egg McMuffin£2.79£4.19
Pancakes & Syrup£2.29 
Pancakes & Sausage with Syrup£2.69£3.89
Sausage & Egg McMuffin£2.69£3.89
Bacon & Egg McMuffin£2.69£3.89
Bacon Roll£2.69£3.89
Quaker Oatso Simple Porridge£1.29 
Bagel – various£1.29 
Hash Brown£0.89 

Here’s a picture of the McDonalds Menu from 2019 taken in a London branche:

This is the old menu from 2018:

An this an even older one from 2015:

Looking for other menu prices? You can find the following menu’s including UK prices on

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McDonalds will be updating their prices soon. Every year they change their prices based on inflation and based on how popular or how often a certain item on the menu is bought (or not bought). They take in to account people’s price elasticity. McDonalds wants do make the biggest profit, selling the least amount of products. We’ll be here to give you the updated 2019 price list.

The above image is an old one. In the coming weeks we’ll make an update for the 2019 menu.

This is what a Big Mac menu meal costs in the UK:

  • Medium Big Mac meal £4.59
  • Large Big Mac meal £4.99

This is what a McChicken menu meal costs in the UK:

  • Medium McChicken meal £4.59
  • Large McChicken meal £4.99

McDonalds coupon codes

You can usually get some coupons with your menu or outside your local restaurant around lunch time. Not all restaurants give them away. if their turnover is good than they probably don’t need to give away any coupon codes. So walk around a few McDonalds restaurants when it’s almost lunchtime. That’s a good time to grab some coupons and get a discount.

The most common items on coupons are usually 2 for 1, a Pound of 1 menu item of a discount when you buy 2 similar items. Depending on your taste and what you feel like eating or drinking at the time you can make a choice of what coupons you cash in on.

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  1. Hі there! I simply ԝant to offer yyou a bbig
    thumbs uƿ for your great information you Һawve gott here
    on this post. I will be гeturning tto your Ƅlog for more

  2. I would like to know how much a McChicken Sandwich Meal and Coke in Medium Would Be Because We Are Having A Party And We Want To Know The Price. Please Reply ASAP Because I Need To Know By Wednesday 15th July 2014. Thanks.

    1. Umm, if you look at the above prices you want work out a McChicken medium meal with a Coke would be £4.19.

      It’s like 8 rows down from the start, really?

  3. my wife & I visited a franchise restaurant at Swadlincote today. We had two Lattes and two Crunchie McFlurries. I was told by one of the managers at Appleby Magna that Saver prices were standard in all restaurants. The Standard McFlurry was 99 pence, so why were we charged £1.19 each.

    1. Hi Chris, the prices listed here are from the McDonalds in Oxford. The “saver” prices are temporarily offers so I’m not sure that the current price is.

    2. promotional mc flurrys and specifics such as crunchie cost 1.19 if you go for original mc flurrys such as dairy milk & smarties you can expect to pay the standard price of 0.99

  4. The difference in price between 6, 9,or 20 nuggets is disgusting for customers who are blindly unaware of your price list when only occasionally frequenting the site.

    1. This is an independent site not owned by McDonalds. The best way to complain is in store or go to their store and get the customer complaints department.

  5. I walked into a Macdonald at the tottenham court road today looking to buy a fillet o fish on its own. I was surprised to find out they charged me £2.89 I had a take away. then I tried to look up on the internet but could not find any prices. It is a ripped off. And it is now not of cod but god knows what they use to substitute. Very annoyed. never go there again.

    1. I bought 4large fillet of fish meals today was VERY VERY suprised to see it was thinner smaller and not very nice fish looked like somthing from a whole loaf of scraps put togethet i was very very dissapointed actually with everythinh i bought as a mc flurry is now only half a mc flurry and 4 strawberry milk shakes were 1strawberry and 3 plain white stuff not vannila ?? If your going to put prices up or cut sizes maybe put up a big sign in shops to let people know thought mcdanalds were better than other rivals but will think twice about going there again after yrs of big orders for our residents

  6. Useful list – for all those morons moaning that the price was different to what was published here: There is a bloody menu IN STORE when you order. Don’t be surprised if the prices vary, McDonald’s is a franchise. If you don’t know what a franchise is, please don’t breed. There’s enough stupidity in this world already.

    1. i think you will find, that not knowing something is; ignorance and not stupidity,
      if you don’t know the difference, please don’t tell ignorant or stupid people not to breed, as you are asking them to oppose the forces of nature, and those that are stupid and ignorant will not be able to comply with your request.
      those with knowledge and wisdom have a slightly better chance, so feel free to ask them not to breed (better odds)

  7. McDonalds, Cables Retail Park, Prescot.

    Not impresses at all.

    asked for 2 meals Chicken Legend with cool mayo & chicken select 3 pieces.
    Drinks cappuccino & strawberry milkshake.
    Been charged £9.98!!
    Looks like I have been upgraded without asking.

    Not the first time I have had problems with you, yourelves Liverpool Road, wrong order twice, do I physically have to check meal and change before departing.

    Don’t expect an answer from you because I do not think you are professional at all.

      1. I came upon this page and I must say it is brilliant. We will be travelling to London on a stop over for 2 days. Our Canadian dollar is going to kill us when we are there and everything is going to cost us almost double in our money so…budget minded people go to McD’s! Your page helped us make a back up plan if we start running low on cash! Thank you for this wonderful guide, we will keep in mind that prices may vary , as they do here due to franchises!

        Have a great day! People stop looking for things to complain about 🙂

    1. You get charged a premium for the milkshake as part of a meal deal. The meal price is for a standard hot drink or carbonated drink. If you are that bothered what you are spending ask for a receipt!

    2. not being funny, but sounds like you were undercharged and your still whining… 2 chicken legend meals when i worked at mcdonalds were around 5.50 a meal, chicken selects around 3-4.50 then you cappucino which comes as standard with the meal but you milkshake adds an extra 40p on to your meal price… therfore you should have been charged around 15-16 pound. your complaint is 1 pointless 2 invalid and 3 senseless

  8. I had a bacon and egg mcmuffin at the Beaconsfield services today and was surprised to be charged £2.69 but the price was correct according to their price list!

  9. How come every time I go to McDonald’s in the Arndale Manchester and ask for fries with out salt I never get them there always loads of salt on them end up throwing them away. Don’t they know some people are NOT allowed salt for health reasons.

      1. Hi if you watch them get the fries out they tend to automatically salt them on mass. It might be worth explaining in detail why you can’t have salt and I’m sure they can cater to your needs, besides my mum is a funny beggar who’s had an eating disorder her whole life and the way she copes with it is by having to watch her food be cooked from fresh and they’ve always accommodated her. People aren’t mind readers my lovely, just say x

    1. I wouldn’t go to mcdonalds of you have health issues regarding salt. There is a huge amount of salt in most of their menu, its delicious but getting angry over salted friend when your consuming just as much with the rest of the meal seems redundant, also you can just go get some others, they dont mind admitting a mistake.

    1. Having been to Dalaman airport twice I can concur with this, however the high prices there are a combination of a huge ground rent charged by the airport just so McDonalds can be there in the first place, as well as the fact that once you are in the airport theres not a lot of choice so people will pay it regardless.

  10. Thanks for the info. Just a couple of comments – Chicken nuggets are not sandwiches, and burgers in England are also not called sandwiches. We aren’t part of the USA….yet.
    Also your first paragraph is really long-winded and says the same thing about 4 times.

    1. Burgers in England are a type of sandwich, people in the USA refer to them as burgers in general from my visits there, but on the menu here they’re sandwiches because its part of the menu section. Also England will probably never be part of the USA, were not in a science fiction novel. =)

  11. Hello , we are pensioners on pension credit, and would love to have one of your meals,
    any chance of vouchers? having never had one for years. many thanks
    Mr P Chapman

  12. Thanks for the information. As an aside I’m sorry for the people who presume this site represents MacDonald’s, can answer their complaints, or provide free services. It’s a WordPress blog, people. You’ll find the official site at

  13. Why are the restaurant prices not more clearly displayed? There is a small print price list veryu often on the side wall of the counter that cannot be read if there are other customers at the counter. The product pictures are displayed on the overhead screens. Why not put the prices in large print beside the images or put other price lists near the entrances or on the walls of the restaurants away from the counter?

  14. I ordered a big breakfast this morning with no drink and was charged £2.39 when I asked for my hash brown they said it cost an extra £0.79 I rang the restaurant on Bristol Road in Gloucester and asked about this they said they could do nothing its the way it comes up on the till?

    In other McDonalds in Gloucester I always get a hash brown as well for £2.39
    so this time on looking and checking my bill I noticed this additional charge, now I am wondering how many times I have been charged extra and other people as well

    1. A big breakfast comes with a hash brown for 2.39 it is not the way it comes up on the till when you put through a big breakfast the part of the screen that tells you what to put in the bag says :
      “1xBig B”
      “1xHash Brn”
      so they’re obviously trying to save money by selling them as an extra when they shouldn’t

  15. im really angry about your catford branch in se London! at least twice a week I buy food from this branch in catford through drive way at night but when I see they charge me correct price for French fries but the give me medium one in packet whit other foods i lost my trust on them! last time its happen again it was just an hur ago! i buy food and drive home but when i see its same like other times i said to my self its better to drive back to catford and ask them to explain about it ,i was thinking if i talk to manager he will understand and will apologise about what happening but unfortunately he DIDNT EVEN SAY SORRY about it!!!!!! i really surprise when i see the amateur asian guy work there as MANAGER and saying that its your fault!! ok its my fault i trusted you! but how he can turn the face to wall go away whit out say single word SORRY?!!! ok when it is as it is ill stop buying food from McDonald from now.

  16. These prices are fairly accurate but do need changing somewhat. I think having another look at the menu and updating this would be better. I can honestly say if you have an issue if suggest not going. It takes time and a lot of effort from all staff to get orders down and correct in the first place as it’s such a busy restaurant, so when it is busy and even if it isn’t and you’re being picky with youre food and asking for fries with no salt or no egg in your mc muffin or an a seasoned burger, you need to understand that if you want that you have to wait for one to be specially cooked for you, it doesn’t just pop out of thin air, fries take 2.5 minutes to cook and unless some are cooking already then you are going to have to wait for them to be unsulted. Just like with everything else it doesn’t come already made how you want it, it takes time to cook and prepare… Anyone saying that it’s a rip off… Either stop complaining or don’t go. If peoplw taking your order don’t get it right then you need to be patient. How things are put through the till is not as easy as you may expect it to be so those of you who get frustrated… Stop… It only puts more pressure on whoever is serving you.

    1. The comments on here are bloody hilarious can’t stop reading only came to double check happy meal prices cos I’m taking a load of kids there ha!

      Ps there wasn’t enough lettuce on my chicken ‘sandwich’ last week what u gonna do about it?!

      Pps also can I have a free maccy ds cos I love them and I am skint???

  17. This pricing does not correspond to what we just paid at our local McDonalds (McDonalds Drive Thro in Chippenham). Pricing is also very confusing when you ask the staff to break it down or when you look at your receipt. Take a kids happy meal- why is it broken up into the food part and the drink on the receipt but not on the menu. Same with other meals we ordered. We couldn’t work out whether we’d paid the right amount or ordered the wrong things. And neither could the McDonalds staff work it out. Come on McDonalds, be transparent, don’t confuse your customers… Or your own employees.

  18. I have seen my friends burger from McDonalds as he went through the drive through and it is about a millimeter thick, I was shocked I have never seen such a narrow burger in my life. It did not look like a burger I had ever seen before. Is this a new 20th Century Burgers?

  19. Just had a Quarter Pounder meal (large) and it was really nice.
    Price matched your list, so kudos to you…
    My mate paid for it and i kept his change (0.21p), so im really happy now 🙂

  20. been to the mcds drive thru tonight in hinckley and on checking my order it was short again, this is the third time it has happened and ive had to return to the counter.
    i know they get busy and can make mistakes but if i had driven home and then found out it would have meant going out again.
    please please take more care and attention
    thank you

  21. hi
    just bought mac chicken meal with large fries and chocolate milkshake what should price be as think I was charged extra for the milkshake

  22. i just came and got a Big mac meal ( large ) Arazona Meal ( large ) 3 chicken selects & a Mc chicken sandwhich and i didn’t receive my mc chicken sandwhich ?!

    1. Then what you need to do is complain to McDonalds. This is not McDonalds, it’s “” as it clearly states in your web browser, not the Charity Shield.

  23. Prices for 20 chicken nuggets above don’t match. Your prices and the picture of the menu say different!! Yours says £4.29 but the picture says £4.49. Which is correct please?

  24. Went to aberdare mcdonalds tonight and asked for plain cheese burgers and was gaven 3 ordinary ones and not plain ones no recipt so had to check the prices online chips was cold and at the start the person serving us gave us the wrong order but realised before we left will be checking the order next time before we leave waste of money as nearly all the food went in the bin

  25. Poor service in Clydebank shop within shopping centre. Ordered food for myself, wife, son and grand daughters. How hard can it be to get a simple order right. McChicken sandwich missing. Thinking about getting my brain removed to qualify for a job in there.

  26. Called at Goole McDonalds (side of M62) asked for a deli wrap deal of the day £1.99 and a Latte £1.40 was charged £3.79 when I pointed out the price difference I was told it was 40p extra for a deal Latte, OK I said I will have a deal of the day Deli at £1.99 and a seperate Latte at £1.40, so I was refunded 40p, what a crazy pricing structure or was he trying to rip me off.

  27. The uk price list is different from the (oxford) list so it is comfusing already. but we went to Barnstaple today had a mcchicken sandwich meal deal large. £4.69 on uk list but was charged £3.69 for chicken and £1.20 for large coke £0 for fries making £4.89 not £4.69.
    Mt husband has quarter pounder cheese meal uk price £4.29 but charged £3.51 burger £1.38 latte £0 fries total £4.89 not £4.29 , so why 80p extra? to uk menu 2015.
    it would be better with a meal deal button instead of listing everything on the till it’s not the offer price.
    why are some mcflurry charged at 99p and others 1.29.

  28. I like the way they try to take your order whilst your hand is still holding the door on your way in to the building.I pretend to be deaf and deliberately take my time reading the inhouse menu and prices,it drives them nuts !

  29. Many years ago,i believe it was in the early eighties,i walked into a Burger King in Norwich.The law had just changed and you were charged more to eat in, it was a Saturday and the place was packed having received my meal and being charged to eat in i turned from the till only to realise that there was nowhere to sit.Without a care in the world i sat on the counter,carefully placed my tray on top of the cash register and began eating.The store manager freaked out as he realised one of his cash cows was no longer operational,i swear within 30 seconds they brought out another table and one chair,i politely thanked them sat down and enjoyed my meal.As a man i am neither large or intimidating however nothing comes between me and my food.Touch my food,feel my fork, as they say.

  30. Why is there not a standard price for all Macdonalds products through out the UK. I was charged £3.99 for a double sausage meak deal on Sunday 8th November from the newly refurbished restaurant in Westwood Cross Broadstairs. In Central London where you may think that you will pay more it is £2.89. Why the big diffference???? Having spoken to the customer service department they fes me some cock and bull story that there is a pricing policy that differs from area to area and store to store. I was also told that most the franchise branches do not do the 99p saver products which makes me laugh as 80% of the branches are franchised so why are they advertising the 99p menu when most of the restaurants don’t do this offer. I can safely say that i will be taking my custom to Burger King from now on.

  31. Went into one of their Cafs a couple of years ago, after they’d advertised special prices, largely and widely on uk tv. I’d ordered 3 meals, then paid. I then realised a BIG price difference! I waited until the meals were ready before querying the price. I was told that the store wasn’t a high street store and didn’t have to do the promo prices! Got my money back tho! A new shop has been very recently opened in Dunbar, East Lothian- been twice, food cold twice!

  32. what a load of crap. i was charged £2.49 for a egg muffin. yet my sausage and egg was £2 29. going to go else where now and so will my work colleges we all used to meet there. now its back to the cafe.

  33. I have lost count the amount of times I have paid for various items and after leaving and arriving home to find something is missing yet I have paid for it! Why is it so difficult to get a SIMPLE order wrong!

  34. I was given vouchers for the new McDonald’s at Spott road Dunbar, one voucher was for a quarter pounder and chips, it was valued at £1.99. I purchased a sugar donut and Toffee Latte on top of this and still had to pay around £ 5.99 There is something far wrong here?
    I can’t see a donut and coffee costing £4. I waited to get home to check prices as internet not available on phone and it was too wet and windy today to get out of car and check prices.

  35. Faulty Defibrillator · Edit

    I think the whole thing needs updating in line with the picture (Big Mac £2.99 against £2.69 etc.) but otherwise great work, thanks.

  36. When i goto MacDs, i hardly get a chance to actually look at the price list menu properly so I just end up ordering spontanously and just pay whatever they say. Even when they are really busy, the actual menu boards are really small and I have to actually stand right in front of it to be able to read it.

    Obviously the big hanging illuminated boards are easy to see but as far as im concerned, I dont like to order from them big boards as they usually are only promoting the more expensive meals and i like to order individual burgers when i go to MacDs.

    Its all a clever marketing ploy to make you buy from these big boards – bold and bright easy to see menus hanging from the ceiling, its very easy to say “Ill have one of them please!”.

    Anyway, my point is, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your helpful website! This is my first time being able to read the “real” menu properly and because my nearest Macdonalds is 22 miles from my home, I can now plan my next visit properly and order what i really want rather than pointing to them big colourful boards.

    KFC use similar tactics but they are not as bad as MacDs. Plus my nearest KFC is only 1 mile away and I prefer KFC, but MacDs is a treat once or twice a year. I think next time when i move house, I will decide depending on the nearest MacDs!

    Great work and thank you!

    1. Most McDonalds restaurants are run on a franchise basis. That means they are not
      run by McDonalds USA or even McDonalds UK directly. A franchisee (person or
      company) pays an amount of money to McDonalds to allow them to sell their products
      in a McDonalds branded restaurant. This type of business is very common in most of
      the fast food chains. Were they three different branches? If so, the three McDonalds
      may have been owned by different franchisees and may then charge slightly different
      prices due, normally, to “market conditions”…! Otherwise, it might simply have been to
      special offers on in the first two…

  37. I asked for a Meal Deal for 2 people, consisting of 2 McChicken Sandwiches, 2 medium fries 1 medium coffee and one medium sprite. The bill came to £9.18, is this correct? I thought it would be cheaper, but I haven’t been to McD’s for a while, and it was not our usual MacDonalds venue.

  38. Hi macdonalds i think your food is really nice and that the meals are at a good standard sometimes im going to get a maccies breakfast tomorrow i am excited

  39. i have two large big mc meals and thay say i can have any drink with it yet its £4 69 for one and £5 .09 for the other as it a milk shake why

  40. Just went to mcdonalds ask for 2 ripple mc flurrys and try chargein me 2.38 so went to get so more money in the space of 2 mins the pice went up to 3.00 wtf and the same person who served me both time not happy what so ever

  41. Ta muchly for this… having tried the McDonald’s website… ty so much for posting this… when you’re on a desperately tight budget for a day out with ones son, you need to know whether the voucher you got on the back of a bus ticket for a Big Mac and medium fries for £1.99 is a bargain or not… and it most certainly is… cheers 🙂 xx

  42. This article is seriously out of date.
    Menu has changed ever since,
    and prices vary in different McDonald’s restaurants. (that is why they are not published in the website, the prices vary)

    I hope however that some people will sometimes realise that:
    there is no cheeseburger meal (neither hamburger meal, nor 9 McChicken nuggets meal etc., etc.) in the menu.

    Only those items come as meals that do have a meal price next to the individual price.

    the word “meal” does not come with everything.

    And customers should know that staff has other jobs than lsitening to them (it is sort of against 100% attention should be paid to the customer as it is literally impossible due to management stinginess), but what pisses staff of is that a customer placing an order at the drive thru talks like this: “can I have a, emm, hmm, just deciding, emm, a happy meal….” not saying what happy meal what drink with it etc etc, while the member of staff should also be taking a payment from a previous car or do something else but he/she gets stuck listening to a customer who is unable to state what the hell he/she wants.

    Why is that so difficult to say if you want a medium or large meal?
    95% of the customers asking for a meal do not state if it is medium or large.
    90% of the customers asking for a meal do not state what drink they want until we ask.
    a good 50% of them believe that we know what they think when they do not utter.
    A ‘Big Mac with a coke’ does not mean that it is a meal, unless you say meal (stating medium or large would be helpful) or you state what sides you wish to get.
    If you say neither meal nor fries nor any other sides, do not expect to get a side.
    Expect to get what you ordered, not what you think you ordered.

    And something else. Most McDonald’s are noisy as hell.
    If you mumble, WE DON’T HEAR! If you are asked to speak up then please speak up do not just repeat yourself with the same volume.

    And as regards the drive thru, believe or not, staff has to do 10 other things apart from taking your order.
    And to the managers, that is why staff seem so stressed out all the time.

  43. Like to moan about the McDonald’s on the beckon roundabout in London it’s the worse 1 I have ever used, dirty, poor quality of food, bad service and poor staff , sorry just my opinion but I bet I am not the 1st person 2 complain about this store

    1. I thought the staff liked to ask me what drink I want with that 🙂

      Seriously though I think u give too much info at once it gets lost…drip feed the order..

      I thought it was standard protocol …a Big Mac meal, what drink would you like with that? Sprite Zero? Would you like that medium or large?

      It’s a nice back and forth with no info lost.

      You sound like a very stressy ex Maccys worker.

  44. Two of my friends recently commented on the changes they noted with regard to the fixtures, fittings and general decor that has been carried out in recent months. Their contention was that the changes afforded a certain me ne sais quoi whilst retaining just the right amount of ambience associated with fast food restaurants. I just think it’s crap and allows you to hype the prices!

  45. I am worried about the saturated fat content of chickennuggets, is there more or less in an Oreo? A!also do you think Lady Gaga likes chicken nuggets?

  46. Hello respectable community..
    While reading this article it has came to my attention that there is an error in your list. As you displayed the price of Chicken Legend spicy tomato salsa, however In my local mcdonalds I don’t see no salsa legend fam okayyyy… like don’t you tryna blame me you know it a good shit but It don’t sell no more qknow hwat me sayin hhahaha.
    Anyway cya lata fam

  47. Yes, it was, in fact, just what I wanted, as you knew from my going on for years about
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  48. My husband,daughter and grand-daughter often buy a Big Mac meal each.
    However, this week we were told the outlet at 634 High Street Stoke on Trent.. Had run out of milk shakes.
    Instead we were charged for coke….. It was watery and not at all tasty.

    I appreciate the outlets sell a lot of milkshakes but think it should be possible to organise the stock sufficiently so as not to disappoint customer.

    To prevent being disappointed again, we probably will not be returning.

  49. The comments on here are bloody hilarious can’t stop reading only came to double check happy meal prices cos I’m taking a load of kids there ha!

    Ps there wasn’t enough lettuce on my chicken ‘sandwich’ last week what u gonna do about it?!

    Pps also can I have a free maccy ds cos I love them and I am skint???

  50. l go to mcdonalds sometimes and enjoy cheeseburger meal and coke my daughter likes chicken range meal and coke and we like the lce creams and my nephew likes chicken nuggets meal and coke from june.

  51. It’s it possible to purchase an egg mcmuffin without having to purchase it with either sausage or bacon and then have to pay for you to take the sausage or bacon off

  52. so i bought a plain mcflurry in Poole McD’d and when I asked for some strawberry sauce on top, they told me it would cost an extra 40p. Since I normally get it given free elsewhere and have done so in this same establishment previously, I told them to forget about it. How can they justify charging nearly half the amount again for a miniscule amount of sauce?

  53. Awesome! Was looking to order KFC, found Just-FastFood. Pretty reasonable delivery fee and the guy arrived exactly 35 minutes after placing my order.

  54. DON’T EAT THAT STUFF THEN SHOULD MAKE SOMETHING YOU ALL MAKE ME LAUGH….. it’s silly it’s either you can’t add up either it’s too pricey or you want a free meal if you don’t like it it’s too pricey or cba adding up go somewhere else or take a calculator…. you scroungers ????

  55. Just ordered a double sausage mcmuffin meal with hash brown and regular latte. And was charged £4.09. When most of the time it’s only £3.79 for the meal deal. This had happened a couple of times. I mostly get charge the £3.79! It was only today that I realised this variation. I have priced individually and that comes up different again. Can someone explain why??

  56. when you buy childrens happymeals are they supposed to include drink yet i was charged seperate for the one i got for my grandaughter so it cost more. there it cant be classed as a meal if there is no drink with it its just nuggets and chips.

  57. I was very disappointed with your breakfast the other morning i bought a double sausage and egg mcmuffin and it was cold I informed the staff and their response was there’s nothing we can do about it cheers guys

  58. I bought a 6 nugget extra value meal with milk shake & was charged £1.64 for the shake and £3.65 for the nuggets and fries. Which is £5.29 is this wrong?

  59. This website is very useful but there is quite a big mistake. On the writen up sandwich section it says for some £4.29 but on the actual menue picture it says £4.59. Change it for a five and it’s sorted.


  61. I’m not happy I ordered a vanilla milkshake when I got home to drink it it was banana which Made me sick as I can’t stand banana not happy one bit

  62. Today I went to Shaftesbury avenue I ordered for breakfast but all of sudden they changed menu board then I again order fish o fillet , my order no was 1162 and I ask that Indian guy , what was the price and he lied and said , same price only 10 pence difference and took £3.99 just for this small burger I was in rush but afterwards I realised just for one pound he lied and that not fair but he rob me and I’m not happy with this kind of customer service ?

  63. Although this is a useful site, if you look at your list of prices given at the top and then check the photo of the menu, they don’t match. If I’d only looked at the list I wouldn’t have noticed

  64. i really wish macdonalds would cook proper crispy lean bacon . its too fatty at most times and under cooked. take a leaf out of the americans . lean crispy streaky bacon is the norm. fatty half cooked bacon is out of date. catch up please

  65. How much would it cost for a 3 chicken select meal with strawberry milkshake with 1 dip only and medium size also a Big Mac meal with latte again medium to eat in as i feel it was too muchthat i paid

  66. All McDonald’s are not equal..not by a long strench of the imagination!
    Being an American. .mcd’s are as the picture promises. ..large burgers..large fries..everything is twice the size as here in the UK! And the prices here are ridiculous. .in the states you can get buy one get one free for $3.99…I’m talking burgers..fries..everything on the menu is fair game! To prove it..last year I was in chgo..I brought bk with me large big Mac meal..minus the drink of course…and purchased the same meal here in the UK. ..shocking difference..even tho it was travel weary!..2 months ago the same from Poland! Even smaller than in the UK. .if that possible..sadly it is! Also Poland does not do the breakfast menu or any saver menus
    Wake up Corporate McDonald’s we are travel smart and not ignorant! Make it equal..make it special again!

  67. looks like sone franchisers have only just put their prices up. 9 nuggets, large fries, large coke was £5.57 now £6.27. same as prices shown here

  68. how much wud b 4 2 cheeseburgers, 6 chiken nuggers but dnt wnt a small coke just a sip if they do sip cups that wud b very useful also do they acsept bribes like duty free tobacco

    1. Of course! If you go into a McDonalds branch, make an order and when they ask for payment say “Da Da Da, I’m Lovin’ It” you’ll be able to exchange items such as tobacco, alcoholic beverages and market plastic watches for your meal.

      Can’t believe more people didn’t know about this!?!

  69. Gutted that mcDs have stopped doing the egg & cheese snack wraps after having surgery on my stomach this was ideal & just the right size & not 2 stodgy like the bagals & muffins etc I don’t eat meat so I’m limited to choice anyway there seems to be poor choice 4 breakfasts now

  70. Bought a cheeseburger happy meal and a 5 chicken selects meal i asked if we could have different drinks and was told yes but we were charged extra for these, why were we not told there would be extra to pay? place was too busy to wait in queue to ask.

  71. Hi,
    I was trying to work out what a grand big mac meal with berry burst drink with a medium chicken nugget meal with berry burst and 2 chicken nugget happy meals with hot chocs is please? the amount i got charged was a shock as it seemed so expensive. maybe just me… any advice would be great. thanks

  72. Thought McDonald’s at Abbey Centre was the worst McDonald’s in the world, just been to the new one on Shore Road, you take the title by a landslide. Apart from very long wait and nearly getting wiped out trying to get onto Shore Road I’ve just discovered I was charged £3.59 for a Wrap of the Day.

  73. HI would like to see the breakfast served until at least 11:45am who wants chips etc at 10:30am in the morning.
    Plus prices on there website as well for all items.

  74. I like mcdonalds very much. The staff are so very helpfull and friendly
    The premises are kept very clean and I like the food It is like home from home. .

  75. I like mcdonalds very much. The staff are so very helpfull and friendly
    The premises are kept very clean and I like the food It is like home from home. .

  76. All the meals should be called kids meals because they’re so small. Why haven’t they invented a triple decker burger yet? Also they should do a 2 or 3 burger meal deal because the fries are gross.

  77. Question: How is it before Christmas a bottle of water was 99p . Now they cost £1.29 for a bottle of 500ml?

    Inflation of 30% ! I believe we are fed daily by news the BOE is controlling inflation at 2%

    This type of water widely available in supermarkets multipacks for 20p each. Its cheaper to buy a coke off the menu for 99p (even one with suger in it, carrying suger tax!) for the 495ml volume

    Compare Macdonalds bottled water price to other high street takeaways it daylight robbery. For those Adults/Kids trying to avoid Carbonated drinks, that we are told daily contribute to Obesity

    Shame on McDonalds

  78. Lakeside retail park. West thurrock.

    Stopped strawberry sundae. Why? Adults and kids love them. You can’t tell us nobody orders them!!!!!. Told this today 4/5/2018.

  79. I don’t understand why McDonalds don’t have their prices online
    You can guarantee the managers of every branch send profit numbers to head office on a daily basis so how hard would it be to keep an up to date online price list ?
    They can manage to keep the in store posters updated so it shouldn’t be too hard

  80. I was absolutely disgusted at the Gillingham Nr Beccles branch of Macdonalds because i went by the prices on this site but was charged £4 more at the counter. I spoke to the manager and was told that their franchise can charge what they like .. then the fries were horrible 😤

  81. Can anyone confirm if the special offer on the receipt ( Big Mac & fries for £1.99 ) is only for that sandwich or can be swapped for other sandwiches. Had one branch in Sheffield who were really helpful and offered me the following options Chicken sandwich, Filio fish, Quarter pounder, 6 chicken nuggets or a double cheese burger where as a Mansfield branch said it’s purely the Big Mac option take it or leave it. Supervisor was a bit of a jobs worth.

  82. my sister has been to mcd’s,, she wanted carrot sticks instead of fries…
    they took out the fries but put no carrot sticks in!! bad service

    but v delicious. thanks for chart

  83. I would like to see prices next to each product ,surely McDonalds are able to afford a decent web designer. Pictures and prices together please not small print Photo menu ,shame on you.. Love the product but too confusing ,sneaky advertising ..

  84. can you please tellme why you are charging us the public for items were not having.
    if I order a sausage muffin no egg its the same price as having an egg with t. yet if I have a double sausage no egg you charge me more for having extra food yet I have an item missing. its the same if I take out the sausage and just have egg no meat or cheese

  85. What I don’t get is that in the menu about it says a med Big Mac Meal is £4.69, then states underneath this year the price is going down to £4.59 yet I got one on 30/10/18 and was charged £4.89. How does that work?

  86. Considering its Macdonald’s the price should be on!! Also you can’t look at prices for a meal what a crap website come on mcD get your act together we want a proper site with prices etc. Everyone’s doing it!!!!
    Lastly the signature prices are not there could you tell me the big tasty meal would be please, well done to you for providing us with some prices I hope mcds are paying you for this ,. ….take care L

  87. Ian French Huddersfield · Edit

    Is there any chance you could release a burger with the sausage meat patties ( that are used in the pancake sausage breakfast )?

    Kind of like a double hamburger, but instead of the hamburger patty, use the sausage patty?

  88. The thing is McDonald’s is a franchise business. Individual restaurants can charge different prices. The prices here are the base price of what it should be.

    I do agree with another poster here that if you have something removed it should be cheaper.

  89. Prices are not the same in all the stores as I have 3 not to far from me and most prices vary from one to the other it should be set pieces for all stores

  90. Can someone please add up 4 double sausage and egg mcmuffin meals drinks that come with it 2 fresh orange 1 coke 1 coffee. Bacon and egg bagel meal with coke as drink. 2 doublebsausage and egg mcmuffin on there own and 1 hash brown. I think I’ve been ripped off it came to £27.96

  91. I’m a vegetarian and curious as to why a egg bagel is the same price as a egg and sausage bagel and/or a egg and bacon bagel – it’s less the the sausage or bacon, but no extra egg ?????

  92. I ordered 2 burgers and large chips with a large coke but when they brought it out to me the coke was a small and they had forgotten the second burger so I sent it back and by the time they had brought me my actual food the second burger and chips were cold I got a dirty look and finally got a full ordered I anted. please to to tom about his attitude. thanks cloth for a great day mcyds

  93. I bought a signature bbq burger meal for £5.39. The drink was a frappe so I expected a bit more expensive. I was charged 18p but also £2.12 sugar drink charge. So it cost £7.69 which I was not advised at the drive through.

    1. I don’t think they would sell you one chicken nugget due to Mcdonald’s not actually having the individual price of each chicken nugget.

  94. This is utter rubbish. I have just purchased a double sausage and egg mc muffin on its own from Dunwoody Way Crewe and been charged £2.99 got home and its a single…you thieves as on your up to date website I shouldve been charged £2.79….

  95. Just been charged £4. 9p for breakfast wrap meal which is usually £3. 69p. I won’t visit the Dumfries franchise again in a hurry complete rip off

  96. I work at fast food but the lakeside McDonald’s is completely untrained, it took 3 staff to read 1 menu item and locate it 😂

  97. Don’t see the point of the Bacon roll price. Cheaper to special order the Egg/bacon/cheese bagel without egg or cheese, just bacon.

    In any case the bacon roll is overpriced..sort of item you should be able to find in a local cafe for £2-£2.50 (and keep money in the local economy).

    As a meal Pret’s bacon brioche with a filter coffee is likely to better quality for similar price to McD’s bacon roll meal (especially if you have your own coffee cup). Tea drinkers pay more, though.

  98. am 13 and I am enjoying these stupid comments, “£4.99 20 chicken nugget meal Is a disgrace” pissing ma self. Like to fuck you think you be getting 20 chicken nuggets for the price of 99p, absolutely choking on these stupid folk having an arguement over the food, like pipe down lol. Chat later ahahaha.

  99. Im not sure if its all McDonalds or the one i went to in central london area, but they now have small and large mcflurry, small is 99p and large is 1.40. the small is no more than an inch an a half tall :/ and the large the original size


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