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Post updated 06/02/2024
dominos-pizzaLooking for Domino’s 2024 menu prices? You can find them on this website. The American chain Domino’s is one of the best pizza restaurants in the UK. The Domino’s prices, actually Domino’s menu prices in the UK, are all listed below. Please be aware that the complete Domino menu UK can be ORDERED ONLINE! Don’t you want to get wet to order pizza from the Domino’s menu in-store? Just order the Domino’s menu at home.

Below you will get the entire Domino’s menu and also the current price. Domino’s voucher for menus is also included in the chart when available. So, from now on you don’t have to try so hard to get the Domino’s menu and Domino’s prices because all these are available for you right here. If you see any mistakes in Domino’s price list feel free to contact us. We can change Domino’s menu prices so everyone can check a relevant price list!

Domino’s Menu UK

What do you think about Domino’s menu & prices? We’ve updated Domino’s prices for June 2024.

Domino’s Classic Pizzas Prices

Personal (7”)

Small (9.5”)

Medium (11.5”)

Large (13.5”)

Ultimate bacon cheeseburger£8.99£16.49£18.49£19.99
Original Cheese ? & Tomato ?£5.49£11.99£13.99£15.99
Chicken Feast£6.99£14.49£16.59£17.99
Texas BBQ£7.99£15.49£17.49£18.99
Pepperoni Passion£7.99£15.49£17.49£18.99
Vegi Supreme£7.99£15.49£17.49£18.99
Hot & Spicy ??£7.99£15.49£17.49£18.99
Domino’s Tandori Hot ??£8.99£16.59£18.49£19.99
The Cheeseburger£8.99£16.59£18.49£19.99
Mighty Meaty£8.99£16.59£18.49£19.99


Tasty chicken

Price for 7

Price for 14

Chicken Kickers ?£5.99£9.99
Chicken Strippers£5.99£9.99
Chicken Wings£5.99£9.99
Strippers combo£7.49 (one portion)


Sumptuous sides


Garlic Dippers£3.99
Garlic Pizza Bread£3.99
Potato Wedges£3.99




Lotta-chocca Pizza£4.99
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream£5.99</span



500 ml

1.25 ltr

Coca-Cola Classic£1.50£2.25
Diet Coke£1.50£2.25
Coca-Cola Zero£1.50£2.25
Glaceau Smart Water£1.50 (600ml)

Domino’s 2024 UK Menu pictures

Here’s a picture from the 2020 menu from Domino’s. Taken in the London area. Prices near you may be different.

2019 Domino's UK Menu

Domino’s Pizza Recipes



Ultimate bacon cheeseburger
  • Double ground beef
  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Sliced gherkins
  • Double smoked bacon
  • Drizzled w/ special burger sauce
Original  Cheese? & Tomato ?
  • Cheese (even more cheese)
  • Tomato
  • Ham
  • Pineapple
  • Mushrooms
Chicken Feast
  • Chicken Breast strips
  • Sweetcorn
  • Mushrooms
Texas BBQ
  • Tangy BBQ sauce
  • Topped with Smoked bacon
  • Chicken breast strips
  • Onions
  • Green & red peppers
Pepperoni Passion
  • Extra pepperoni
  • Extra mozzarella cheese
  • Tomato sauce base
Vegi Supreme
  • Onions
  • Green & red peppers
  • Sweetcorn
  • Mushrooms ?
  • Tomatoes ?
Hot & Spicy ? ?
  • Ground beef
  • Onions
  • Green & red peppers
  • Jalapeño peppers ?
Domino’s Tandori Hot ? ?
  • Tandori Chicken
  • Onions
  • Green & red peppers
  • Mushrooms ?
  • Jalapeño peppers ?
The Cheeseburger
  • Double ground beef
  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Sliced gherkins
  • Double smoked bacon
  • Drizzled w/ special burger sauce
Mighty Meaty
  • Pepperoni ham
  • Ground beef ?
  • Sausage
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms ?
  • Mozzarella Cheese ?

This is an old part of the menu.


Delivery versus take-home

If you visit Dominos website, you get first to choose whether you want to take home or have the pizza’s delivered. You’ll be surprised at the price difference if you choose to take home. The delivery cost is added to the pizza when you choose the delivery option. So choosing the take-home option gives you a big fat discount on your pizzas. If you order 2 or 3 pizzas, that can amount to more than 10 Quid! That’s a lot of money for something that will probably only take you less than 30 minutes. You can phone ahead of order online, get in your car and be back in under 30 mins.

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    1. Can’t believe how expensive dominos is in uk, it is literally double to triple the price of Australia’s dominos for same sizes and ingredients. Eg} Hawaii pizza 11” here £2, largest most filled pizza here with prawns etc is equivalent to £12. Feel sorry for you all

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