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Dixy Chicken Menu Prices UK Dixy Chicken is a famous restaurant for chicken in the UK. If we need the menu price for the  Dixy restaurants but it is not easy to get the 2021 menu prices on the web, we feel very annoyed.  So if you are searching for Dixy Chicken menu prices, then I hope this chart is going to be very helpful for you. Here you will get the entire Dixy Chicken menu and also the current prices. Dixy Chicken burger menu price is also included in the chart. So, now you don’t have to worry for the Dixy Chicken menu and Dixy Chicken prices because all these are available for you right here. We’ve updated the prices for Dixy Chicken for October 2021.

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1.     Chicken fillet burger£3.49
2.     Supreme chicken burger£3.89
3.     Mega mix burger£4.29
4.     Peri-peri burger£3.89
5.     Quarter pounder or half-pounderquarter: £ 2.89half: £3.99
6.     Panini£3.99
7.     Value box2pcs: £3.293pcs: £4.29
8.     Combo box2pcs: £3.993pcs: £4.99
9.     Sizzler box5wings: £2.998wings: £3.99
10.  Chicken bitesreg: £2.99jumbo: £3.99
11.  Chicken stripe3trips: £3.595strips: £4.59
12.  Tortilla wrapsrole: £3.99peri peri or fish: £3.99
Snack packs:  £1.59
13. Chicken
Classic recipe chicken1piece: £1.492pcs: £2.493pcs: £3.495pcs: £5.39
Chicken strip3strips: £2.495strips: £3.4912strips: £7.99
Wings3pcs: £1.395pcs: £2.1912pcs: £3.99
Wings meal5pcs: £3.498pcs: £4.49
Chicken bitesregular: £2.29large: £3.29
14. Burgers
Chicken fillet/Burger£2.59meal: £3.39
Chicken supreme fillet/ burger£2.99 meal: £3.79
Mega mix chicken burger£3.49meal: £4.19
Peri peri burger£3.29meal: £3.79
Quarter pounder£1.99meal: £2.89
Half pounder£2.99meal: £3.99
Fish burger£1.99meal: £2.99
Mini fillet burger£0.99meal: £1.99
Add cheese£0.20
15. Tortilla wraps
Chicken wrap£3.19meal: £3.79
Fish wrap£3.49meal: £3.99
Peri peri wrap£3.49meal: £3.99
 16. Extras
Friesregular: £0.99large: £1.39
Spiral friesregular: £1.29large: £1.59
Potato wedgesregular: £1.29large: £1.49
Hash brown£0.40
 17. Drinks
Mineral water 500ml£0.89
Robinson fruit shoot orange£0.89
Apple and blackcurrant£1.49
18. Sides
Coleslawregular: £0.99
Beansregular: £0.99
Cobbettregular: £0.99
 19. Desserts
Apple pie1FOR: £0.99
Chocolate Doughnut2FOR: £0.99

Updated October 2021

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  1. Last week I Oder some food
    Bt I received my food after 2 hours
    & my food is old am really upset everything I put it in the bin I like Dixy food but know am bored am sorry that’s why I told you ????????

    1. Last week you oder food?
      BT reciveved food after 2 hours?
      Your Food was old?
      now am bored am sorry I told you?

      Sorry didn’t understand your message.
      Please rewrite your comment.

  2. Delivery was late again!!!!!

    But….delighted with quality and taste.
    everyone at the station, Enjoyed there meals

    Advise to management at premises.

    Employ more delivery drivers at peak times especially as your registration with Just Eat. Clearly business is booming.

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