McDonalds goes for plastic free straws

In a constant struggle for companies to become more and more environment friendly, McDonalds has made the move to go from a plastic straw to a paper one. The company uses 1.8 Million straws per day in the UK alone.

Online pressure from their customers has pushed McDonalds into changing their straws to paper ones. But now an online petition is asking to reverse its decision. People are concerned the straw “dissolves” in their drinks.

A lot of users are complaining online. Their straw dissolving even before they can drink any of their milkshake.

Others are thankful that the straws won’t be around in 400 years time.

Would you like Secret menus Fast Food restaurants?

We’re wondering if you guys would like us to add the secret menu’s from fast food restaurants? The following restaurants have secret menu’s

– Burger King
– McDonalds
– Starbucks
– Subway

There are more secret menu’s out there, but they aren’t from the menu’s we have on our website. Please leave comment and give us a heads up what secret menu’s you’d like from what restaurant chains.

Secret menu’s are exactly what they say they are. Several restaurants have menu’s that are secret. They contain items that can be ordered, but are not on display. Not all employees at the restaurant chains know the secret menu by heart. It’s important YOU know what you want and that you know that the item you describe exists.