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Burger King Menu Price UKBurger King October 2021 menu prices are not published on the Internet. As Burger King UK is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants for burgers we collected all Burger King UK menu prices. Sometimes you just need the menu price for a particular fast food restaurant – such as the Burger King. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find the Burger King menu prices on the Burger King website. So if you are trying to find out about Burger King price list, more specifically Burger King menu prices UK,  we hope this chart will come in very handy for you. Below you find the complete Burger King price list UK. Burger King breakfast menu price is also included in the chart. One final remark: please be aware that Burger King is a franchise and prices may differ across the UK.

This restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in the UK. It right up there alongside KFC and McDonalds. We’re currently getting most visitors on our KFC pages.

Enjoy your search for the prices of the famous Whopper burger and Angus Steakhouse Double (my personal favorite).

Please feel free to contact us in case you see any prices that are incorrect in the Burger King price list. We can change the Burger King menu prices accordingly, so we all benefit.

What do you think about Burger King’s menu & prices?

Burger King Menu

BEEF SandwichReg Meal
Double Whopper£4.89£6.39
Whopper Junior£2.29£3.79
Whopper Bacon & Cheese£4.69£6.19
Angus XT Steakhouse£5.79£7.09
Angus XT Classic£5.29£6.69
Angus XT Smoked Bacon & Cheddar£5.59£7.09
Angus Steakhouse£5.09£6.59
Angus Classic£4.59£6.09
Angus Smoked Bacon & Cheddar£5.09£6.59
Angus Steakhouse Double£6.09£7.49
Angus Classic Double£5.59£7.09
Angus Smoked Bacon & Cheddar Double£5.99£7.49
Bacon Double Cheese£3.79£5.29
Bacon Double Cheese XL£4.49£5.99
Big King£3.79£5.29
Double Rodeo£3.79£5.29
Double Cheeseburger£3.65£5.15
CHICKEN SandwichReg Meal 
Chicken Royale£4.89£5.89
Chicken Royale with Cheese£4.29£5.79
Sweet Chilli Chicken Royale£4.29£5.79
Chicken TENDERCRISP£4.55£6.05
Caesar Chicken TENDERCRISP
Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap£2.35£6.45
Caesar  Chicken Wrap£2.39£3.89
Chicken Nuggets – 6 pieces£2.89£4.39
Chicken Nuggets – 9 pieces£3.89£5.39
VEGGIE, FISH & SALAD SandwichReg Meal 
Veggie Bean Burger£3.99£5.49
Veggie Wrap£2.99£4.49
Ocean Catch£3.99£5.49
Garden Salad£2.49
Grilled Chicken Salad£3.49
SIDES, DIPS & EXTRAS RegularLargeSuper
Onion Rings£1.69£1.79£1.99
Chicken Nuggets£2.99£3.99
Chilli Cheese Bites£1.49£1.99
Tomato Ketchup Dip£0.15
Sweet Chilli Dip£0.15
BBQ Dip£0.15
Add Cheese£0.50
Add Bacon£0.50

Burger King Breakfast Menu

As of May 2014 the Burger King Breakfast Menu has changed. The United States based company announced they added flame-broiled burger to the Burger King breakfast menu. According to the Dailymail the Burger King Breakfast menu now includes Whoppers, Cheeseburgers and Big King sandwiches. Is this all? No. The BK breakfast menu also incorporates the Chicken Sandwich, french fries and – how should we survive without – apple pie! Feeling hungry in the early morning? Go to the nearest Burger King and order a strong BK breakfast menu.

Sausage, Egg & Cheese Butty£2.19£3.69
Breakfast in Bread£3.19£4.69
Sausage Butty£1.59£3.09
Big Beefy£4.19£5.69
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Butty£2.19£3.69
Bacon Butty£1.59£3.09
Egg Cheese Butty£1.59£3.09
Hash Browns£1.19£1.29
Mini Pancakes Syrup£1.39£1.69
Burger King Drinks PricesRegularLarge
Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta £1,29 £1,79
Milk Shake £1,59 £1,89
Mocha/Latte/Cappuccino £1,79 £2,09
Chocolate £1,49 £1,79
Tea £1,30 £1,70

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Picture of the Burger King Menu


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2020 is here and so are new Burger King prices. We’re getting ourselves ready to do another round of the UK to get you updated prices, so you know what you should be paying. We can’t do the entire country and we know prices differ between outlets, but at least you’ll have a good comparison to use when you order a meal at your favorite outlet near you.

We just updated the prices for October 2021.

Is Burger King closed in the UK due to Corona / Covid-19?

Restaurants aren’t closed but you’re not allowed entrance. If your local Burger King has a drive you can come and pick up your food. You’re not allowed to eat it in the parking area of your local restaurant because of traffic. There are huge queues at the moment because everyone has to go through the drive section.

Burger King Coupon codes

Tell us, tell us, tell us if you receive any coupons!! Our audience loves a discount now and then. The problem with the coupon codes is that they’re usually only valid in 1 outlet or 1 city. And they have barcodes. So you can only use them if you physically have them. But if you tell us where they’re handing them out, we’ll be sure to pass it along to our website visitors.

During lunchtime is a great time to get some coupons. Slow days are usually Mondays and Tuesdays for Burger King restaurants. So those are good days to pass by and see if they’re handing them out. Have fun.

78 thoughts on “Burger King Menu Prices UK”

  1. I have just been to Lancaster services on the m6 where they tried to charge me £7.30 for 2 x regular cheeseburgers! Burger king, you need to take a look at this place, they are rip off merchants!!

  2. also just noticed the prices, i used to go there alot, they are nice but not that nice.
    i actually make a mean burger myself just like BK for around £2 (Google for the recipe and also for Mac’ds)
    they will go bankrupt trying to charge so much, and are nt much better than ronies at half the price.

  3. Total rip off now, hadn’t been in years and genuinely thought a Whopper meal was like £3-£4, turns out all in for 2 x meals and an Ice Cream it was £17 and this was a regular store. Frankly laughable consiering the quality. Simply won’t be back.


  5. Burger King Leicester charged me £2.09 for a regular milkshake!!!! Even though I protested as I knew it was only £1.59 but the girl insisted it wasn’t. Bought it please I was tired of arguing and just finished a long shift at work but NOT HAPPY!!

    1. a regular milkshake is indeed £2.09, and you shouldnt have argued with the worker because we already take alot of sh*t from customers and then again we just work for them, we do not make the prices.

  6. Burger King are rip off merchants. Their ‘Special Offers’ mean diddly squat if you try to order at service stations, airports, airports or Family Holiday parks such as Butlins.

    Too many franchisees mean outlets can charge whatever they like (admittedly like McDonalds) but BK are very good at hiding the T&C in the small print.

    Although the quality of their beef products is good, BK is let down by poor pricing and silly advertising.

  7. Hello I’ve just purchase triple burger and large friespecially from one off your outlet in newcastle central station and the large fries arnt large at all McDonald’s and kentucy fried chicken fries are3 times the size of yours not a happy customer

  8. Does noone else use the vouchers on the back of bus tickets? 1.99 for a whopper and regular fries. Paying for just a whopper, without a voucher, is like 4.50. Madness

  9. Just been to the burgerking at Fort Kinnaird in Edinburgh. I bought 2 Bacon Double Cheese Burger meals and an XL Bacon double cheeseburger meal. Receipt says £559 for a Bacon Double Meal and £6.59 for the XL, fair enough…. but they Add ‘TAX’ at the bottom of the receipt of £3.20!!!! so prices do not include TAX, BEWARE! I’ll not be going back there, very deceitful!

  10. Used to be a big fan but not anymore – The Double Rodeo BBQ Burger looks more like 2 digestives with even smaller burgers inside, BK used to be the place to get a fulfilling meal for a decent price, not any more !

    Seriously hunt down independent burger joints in your town, failing that buy a rustlers and bulk it out to make them like the fast food joints used to be.

    1. You know I was going to say the same thing, my local BK is pretty poor, miserable staff and food thrown together, a messed about with Rustlers is not too far different and a hell of a lot cheaper.

      1. Buy a Rustler, add bacon and some mushrooms or tomato and it tastes like heaven for a fraction of the cost of a BK burger.

  11. Just got large wopper meal and chicken royal meal large.2drinks and 9 nuggets.for £16.00, home delivered is that good…

  12. I totally agree. Just been to my local BK (Mansfield) and bought a “King Fish”, got it home and was absolutely disgusted to find 3 fish fingers and a bit of limp lettuce in a small bun. Fish fingers!!!! I was charged £3.99 for this. Tesco are currently selling 20 Birds Eye cod fish fingers for £2. My advice…make your own, it’s a no brainer. Never again.

    1. Dave no offence but you value gauge is as ridiculous as monkey in a bow tie.

      A ) any opinion you may have is negated by the fact you went into a Burger King and ordered a king fish? This is the equivalent of going to Disneyland and spending the day in a toilet cubicle thinking of paint drying. Or going to Wembley to watch the fa cup final but instead being fasinated by the health and safety sign pinned next to a fire extinguisher…. Next to a toilet….. in the basement.

      For your £3.99 you could have instead bought (no prices correct at publication) – 399 penny cola bottles, 12 copies of the sun, parked for 11 minutes in Hackney or issue 1235 of razzle all of which are more nutritious than 20 fish fingers. (Unless of course they were breaded, in which case it’s a completely different story!)

  13. Just been to Burger king on Clifton Moor,York.The offer outside said double chilli cheeseburger meal deal £3.99p but we we were charged £11.58p for 2.When we queried it they said it was a promotion.We are both senior citizens so didn’t want to make a fuss when we found our meal wasn’t hot as the server and manager were both surly and seemed arrogant.Won’t be going again and four of our friends say they won’t in support of us.The original table we went to wasn’t clean (the toilets were!)


    1. buy a cheeseburger for 99p
    2. take the online survey on the back of receipt for a code.
    3. with the code, order a whopper and fries for £1.99
    4. with the receipt, do the survey again.
    5. buy whopper and fries for £1.99
    repeat, repeat and repeat….. and save a fortune! The codes are valid for 1month but I just keep this continously going and go once a week.

  15. Last good friday at Starbucks services just outside London M25, i paid £9.50 for 2 large fries and 2 large drinks. These prices are not standard at all.

  16. M3 Winchester Services BK. Purchased a Bacon Double Cheese regular meal – including the fries and a Fanta drink for £6.99 ! The burger was disappointingly very small – I was expecting something a bit larger I must admit.

    If this is representative of their pricing I will NOT be going back there to eat – way too expensive for a SMALL burger meal.

    1. You could get a whopper with five patties in it if you wanted to. You can add an extra pattie for a pound and extra bacon and extra
      cheese for forty pence!!

  17. i’ve done the survey thing a few times lately. free whopper/chicken royale or veggie bean burger with purchase of regular fries & regular drink. so for my veggie burger saving of £4.19 according to my receipt which is cool & cost £3 for the fries & drink. (best veggie burger ever btw) so all good. except was just about to do survey again when noticed the tax added? bit sly. pretty certain Macdonalds don’t do this. in total my last free veggie burger run cost £16.76. that includes the cost of two meals for the meat eaters, a double whopper & a chicken royale, & £2.79 for VAT @20%.

  18. how much is ordinary double cheeseburger in burger king, just a plain double cheeseburger, not a meal just a bap with 2 burgers and 1 slice of cheese

    I been to Macarthur Glen retail Park Derbyshire . M1 junction 28 today and was told £3.87 where as Macdonald do the same thing for just £1.49, I walked out not paying 3.87

  19. your price on the bacon double cheese is wrong check the real menu picture guys dam i thoght this was your job lol

  20. Can someone please confirm, when ordering a xl bacon double cheese burger meal what size drink and fries should I receive?

  21. I have been using the receipt to get veggie burgers and I used to pay firstly £1.98 for the fries and drink (although I think it was an error and I got charged for small portions rather then regular) . Then it went upto £2.96, but today I was informed the cost of a regular drink was £1.79 and same for the fries, so it now costs £3.58. Even the person serving wasn’t aware the prices had gone up as when I questioned the total he pulled out a calculator and got a lesser total, then he claimed it was VAT, then he said the prices had gone up and he wasn’t aware. So basically he served people all day without noticing what he was charging them? Although it still costs less like this then getting a veggie burger meal deal, it’s extortionate to charge £1.79 for a drink! And £1.79 for a very small portion of fries.

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