McDonalds ads a vegan option to their Happy Meal

For the first time in history McDonalds has introduced a Vegan menu for children (and their parents) who don’t eet meat based foods in the UK. The company says that eating vegan has become mainstream. The time is now to introduce a Vegan recipe.

Back in 2017 the company added a Vegan burger to their lineup in Finland but also mentioned they wouldn’t launch this around the globe. McDonalds UK & Ireland has made the choice to introduce the Vegan menu because they wanted to offer greater choice to their customers.

The new vegetarian Happy Meal option contains a red pesto goujon instead of chicken or beef
The Vegan Wrap

The menu bears the stamp of the Vegetarian Society. McDonalds has developed the menu in close collaboration with the Society. They’re proud to have received their stamp of approval.