KFC continues to have problems with their chicken deliveries

It’s been a few weeks now since the first problems about their chicken delivery surfaced. KFC has yet to fix all the problems related to their delivery problems. KFC recently switched to a different delivery supplier who can’t meed the demand and is mixed up in a logistical nightmare. The new supplier just cannot fulfill the demand as quickly as it should.

More and more restaurants are opening up again. Not every restaurant is open with a full menu. Some are not serving all menu items. The below image was posted on their website and on twitter.

KFC is trying to make the best of it but they are losing a lot of money and a lot of clients. Some consumers even called the police because they thought something was wrong. Others called their local MP and told them how upset they were with the closing of their local KFC.

Consumers are not the only ones who are worried and upset. A lot of KFC stores are owned by franchisers who aren’t getting any money in the bank while their rent keeps tallying up.

KFC has actually contacted their old delivery supplier again to get things on the road again. How much that’s gonna cost KFC is unknown, but they’ll probably bleed quite a bit for that. DHL, their new delivery supplier has taken a part of the blame.

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  1. kfc chesterfield, your locker ford outlet is not fit for purpose you never get what you order there is always something missing I would not recommend it to anyone {drive through]

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