5 facts you might be interested to know about your favourite fast-food restaurant KFC 

KFC has become synonymous to fast-food restaurants in many parts of the world. So are you a KFC fan? Someone who would spend hours in KFC munching the world’s most yummiest chicken? Well, then you would be certainly interested to know a few quick facts about your favourite restaurant. Read on while you take the crunchy chicken to your mouth.

The origin

To your surprise, the origin of KFC can be traced back to a gas station in the beginning of 1930’s. The founder of KFC, Colonel Harland Sanders, was initially a gas station owner. He started a small restaurant in his gas station, which became the one of world’s most liked hangout over the period. 

Many first’s

KFC carries with the pride of trying out a number of things for the first time. They were the first to cook chicken on a pressure cooker. Luckily pressure cooker was invented and introduced to the market for the first time when Sanders started the brand. 

Do you recognise its Sanders?

Each time when you eat chicken in the famous KFC bucket, you can see its founder. Yes, the old man in the KFC logo is none other than Colonel Harland Sanders. Guess what, he is the second most recognisable face in the world.

Secret is locked

Everyone knows KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken.  But how many of you know the secret recipe of the KFC chicken? Wait a sec before being creative about KFC recipe. The fact is the secret chicken recipe is locked up in a secret locker. It is said that they use eleven types of herbs to make the chicken tastiest for your tongue.

Yes, it is nutritional

If you are someone who eats from KFC often and worried about your health, you might be worrying for a wrong reason. KFC menu is one among healthier choices that you get from fast-food restaurants. However, you can be bit choosy about what you eat. You have enough of nutritional choices in KFC menu. Even KFC grilled chicken is never considered to be the worst food choice for a health-conscious person. The tip is even when you step in to KFC, good if you leave aside French Fries or wedges or cheese which might increase your calorie intake.

It’s big enough

Started in a gas station, KFC has grown in to world’s second most popular fast-food restaurant chain. The ownership of the restaurant chain has been transferred to multiple personalities since 1964 when Sanders decided to sell the brand. Currently Yum brand owns KFC with more than 20,000 restaurants and having a footprint in almost all part of the world.

When you step in to KFC next time to munch crunchy chicken popcorn, remember the rich historical facts and man’s rags-to-riches story behind the brand!