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Spud U Like is a popular restaurant in UK. Sometimes we try to get the menu price for the Spud U Like restaurant chain but it is not easy to get the menu prices on web. So if you are looking for the Spud U Like UK menu prices then I hope this chart will be the answer for you. Here you will get all the Spud U Like menu and also the current 2020 prices for the items. Spud U Like special menus are also included in the chart. So, from now on you don’t have to try so hard to get the Spud U Like menu and Spud U Like menu prices because all these are available for you here on this page.

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Baked & Filled
Classic Beans & Cheese £5.49
Coleslaw Salad (side dish) £1.40
Cottage Cheese & Chives low fat from Longley Farm £4.59
Egg Mayo made with Hellmann’s Light £4.39
Chilli con Carne £6.49
Tuna & Sweetcorn Mayo made with Hellmann’s Light £5.89
Chicken Tikka £5.99
Prawn Cocktail made with Hellmann’s Light £7.49
Crushed & Topped
Rocket & Parmesan with toasted pine nuts and a pesto dressing £4.79
Greek Feta Salad with olives, sun blushed tomato and a basil dressing £5.99
Line-Caught Tuna with sliced egg, red onion and a classic french dressing £5.89
Parma Ham with dry-cured ham, parmesan and a balsamic dressing £5.49
Chicken Caesar Salad with chicken breast, parmesan and a Cardini Caesar dressing £6.99
Bramston Pickle £0.40
Garlic Bread (2 slices) £1.10
Garlic Bread (3 slices) £1.50
Coleslaw Salad £1.40
Chopped Red Onion £0.40
Bacon Pieces £0.60
Extra Cheese £1.00
Drinks Regular Large
Cold Drinks
Pepsi/Diet Pepsi £1.99 £
Pepsi Max/7 UP £1.99 £
Tango £1.99 £
Mineral Water £1.99 £
Juicy Drench £2.10 £
Fruit Shoot 5£1.40 £
Hot Drinks
Tea £1.95
Coffee £2.05
Cappuccino £2.10
Caffe Latte £2.15
Caffe Mocha £2.10
Deluxe Hot Chocolate £2.15

We’ve updated the prices for Spud U like for September 2020. If you find any prices in your local Spud U Like outlet, please let us know so we can update the price list here.

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