Welcome to Fastfoodprice.co.uk. We are a website providing all prices, price lists and menus of your favorite fast food restaurants in the UK. Our goal is to provide the most recent price lists of the major fast food chains in the UK. On this website you’ll find the Burger King Price List, McDonalds prices, KFC menu prices UK and much more price lists.

Unfortunately less and less fast food restaurants publish the price lists on their website. Maybe they list some of the cheaper items but mostly the client needs to visit the store to verify the menu price lists. Please inform us in case any of the published prices differ from the actual price.

We’ve done another major update on our site. We’ve added new prices. Updates old prices. We’ve added new articles and we hope you like it! If you have any questions or remarks, please don’t hesitate te leave a comment. We’ll try to respond as soon as possible.

We’ve made new 2018 updates to the website. We’re going to the a trip through the UK to gather new prices and photos from the menu sheets displayed in the restaurants.

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    • The prices as listed on fastfoodprice.co.uk are the menu prices as listed in a specific restaurant so....including tax.

  • Hi How much is a footlong cockmeat sandwich at Subway?

    Please help im starving!


  • 12 piece deluxe boneless feast (6 dips spicy mayo - sweet chillies - classic mayo - 2hot4u - Kentucky bbq
    and tomato ketchup) £17.49 DIPS WHAT DIPS this is the 3rd time I have been cheated by kfc at westcroft Milton Keynes order number 4022 cashier BUTT (if you can believe that)
    26 barnsdale drive mk4 5de I wont be going back there.
    Ah yes when I started to check the contents of the bag I was assured by Mr BUTT that everything
    was in there...

  • I visited McDonald's at South normanton Mansfield DE55 2EG today, where I purchased a chicken nuggets happy meal, according to your site it should have cost me £2.49 & a cappuccino priced £1.59 which should have come to £4.08 I was charged £4.28 for a take away meal. I would like to know Why?

  • We just ordered two 6 slice margarita pizzas and two 4 slice plain garlic bread they charged me £ 27 is that right

  • Purchased delux bonless bucket on way home after work, got it home to find no popcorn chicken, no receipt give so no number to phone and complain, not that I was going to go back. Cowgate shop, in Newcastle at 8.30 tonight.

    I would expect better service, as it was not even busy? Very dissapointed tonight.

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